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Window Cleaning Equipment Financing

Financing allows you to purchase the equipment you need with flexible and secure options!

The Short Term Solution Paypal Credit is an interest-free solution to pay for your equipment. You have an initial agreed upon term to pay off your debt. If you pay off your debt or balance in its entirety before the end of the term it is an interest-free purchase. This method is ideal for the window cleaning industry because busy season yields maximum profit and cash flow. Create a payment plan that works for you as long as you can off the full balance in 6 months! Cost of equipment: $1,200 Amount of Loan: $ 1,200 Interest Rate: N/A Term: 6 months Monthly Payments: Up to you!
Interest-Free Paypal Credit Easy Payments with PayPal Credit lets you get what you want, when you want it, and budget your payments as you go. Let’s say you have a water fed pole you would like to purchase that costs $1,200. The best time to pay is when it’s right for you and maximum cash flow is present. So, when you check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit, you can take advantage of their special financing offer: No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. *You must have a Paypal account for this type of financing. Clear here to sign up!
The Long Term Solution Equipment financing or leasing allows a third party to use their private funds to finance your purchase. They assume all the risk in hopes for a higher level of return on their investment. Although you will have to pay more to finance the equipment, you will be able to spread out the cost over an extended period of time which is ideal for many situations and business owners. Enjoy the flexibility of lower monthly payments over a greater span of time. Cost of equipment: $1,200 Amount of Loan: $ 1,800 Interest Rate: 12% Term: 1 year (12 months) Monthly Payments: $159.93
Traditional Equipment Financing/Leasing Let’s say you have a water fed pole you would like to purchase that costs $1,200. The financing company offers to loan you the cash to purchase it but will charge you interest to do so. You pay more but are given the flexibility of a longer time to pay it off. As well, the lender has requested you pay back the loan in 1 year (or 12 months). With a fixed interest rate, this means that this $1,200 piece of equipment will actually cost you $1,800 ($600 in financing fees). The monthly payments would be $159.93.

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I think the biggest difference is cash flow management in the business. That would be the primary reason a lot of folks lease, whether or not they have cash on hand to actually pay outright or not. Even if you do have cash on hand it’s such an important resource to a business and oftentimes financing can make more sense. Financing through the lease also allows you to take full advantage of the tax side of things which is very, very important for your business.We can finance any purchase of $1,000 and greater. You can finance one item or multiple items as long as it is above $1000. Keep in mind, we typically do not recommend low-cost financing for a small amount such as $1,000 – $2,000. The rates are not as good and you’ll end up paying double or more for cheaper products.Perhaps the most obvious advantage of equipment leasing is saving cash, what business owners appreciate most. Financing saves your cash flow that would otherwise be used if you were to pay upfront for your equipment. Other benefits include tax benefits, preserving business credit and the flexibility it provides.The process is simple and fairly straightforward. The higher the credit score and the more you borrow, the better the rate and terms.When you fill out a leasing application, a soft credit check is done. It’s NOT going to affect your credit score!There are certain documents that the banks are always going to want, such as proof of your address and proof of your business and ownership. Sometimes a few other things but usually it’s just those. Keep in mind as you go through the process that those documents are not obligating you to do anything. What obligates you is when you get an actual lease contract to sign off on, and once that’s signed off, that is then the obligation piece.NO! Applying for financing and seeing if you are approved does not obligate you to anything. What obligates you is when you get an actual lease contract to sign off on. Once you sign the contract that then obligates you to the terms.Shopping around for the “best” rate, especially in the commercial financing industry, may save you $2 or $3 dollars a month but in the time you have taken to do it you may have probably dropped your credit score from the multiple inquiries to your credit. Not to mention, it can elongate the process and waste valuable time. That ultimately delays the equipment getting to you and the opportunity to make the make revenue up. At the end of the day, the equipment from Window Cleaning Resource is tools that can make you money the day you get it and the priority should be to get it as soon as possible because every day you’re not making money is a day you’re losing money. So, shopping around and taking the time to do this has a really negative impact on getting things done. We encourage customers not to look at financing from a purely “What’s the interest rate?” or “Where can I get the best rate?” angle.

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