T-Bars & Scrubbers

Window Cleaning Tbars and scrubbers are available to purchase. Shop a variety of window cleaning T-bars and Washer Sleeves. Browse T-bars and sleeves by Ettore, IPC Pulex, Unger, Moerman, and Wagtail. Swivel, fixed and locking types available. You can also shop a variety of Scrubber Sleeves that vary in scrubbing power, abrasiveness, size, and color. Need help? Give us a call 862-266-0677.

Scrubbers & T-Bars
For Professionals

With our extensive selection of window cleaning T-bars and scrubbers, we offer everything you need to run and maintain your professional window cleaning business. Shop complete scrubbers, t-bars, scrubber sleeves, and even our line of specialty scrubbers which contain combination tools and other time savers. Enjoy the cleaning power of these carefully selected t-bars and scrubbers to elevate your window cleaning game to the next level. We carry the largest inventory of window cleaning products, so you’ll be able to choose from a variety of brands.

First and foremost, note that our window cleaning t-bars and scrubbers come in a multitude of sizes. You’ll most likely need a few lengths on hand for different jobs that come up. A shorter length, like 6 inches for example, will be great for cut-ups or smaller French panes or if you simply need to apply a lot of pressure while cleaning the glass. Larger setups, like an 18-inch complete, allow you to cover more surface area in less time, but alternatively, you’ll be applying a little less pressure.

Choosing the best
complete scrubber

Our Window Cleaning T-bars are just as important as Squeegees when deciding what tools to have in your arsenal. T-Bars are handles that are used to hold washer sleeves. These T-Bars can be used on the end of your extension poles or by hand. When it comes to T-Bars, you need first to consider if you want a fixed or a swivel version. A fixed T-Bar is locked into place and won’t move around, while a Swivel T-Bar is the opposite, it is adjustable, and you can move it around to any angle you prefer. Swivel T-bars allow you to reach awkward spots, corners, and other tough angles.

Our window cleaning T-Bars also come in different materials as well. The majority will come in hard, durable plastic with slots in it. The grooves in the bar typically allow water to sit and gain extra retention while scrubbing. Other T-Bars incorporate an aluminum tubing or bar. It really comes down to personal preference on which is better for you. Many of our T-Bars also have an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip for added comfort and control. A comfortable grip reduces wrist strain and fatigue, which helps when you are on the glass all day.

Water Retention and
Scrubber sleeves

To tackle stubborn dirt and grime, check out our Window Cleaning Scrubber selection. Washer sleeves are designed to loosen and remove dirt as you scrub the glass. Water retention is a key factor in washer sleeves. If your sleeve holds a lot of water, you can clean more glass without dipping it into your bucket for more water. Fewer trips to the bucket means less time wasted! Regardless of your brand, you want your sleeve to have adequate scrubbing power and water retention. If you are doing interior work, you’ll also want to choose an option that does not drip a lot. Be sure to check out our Scrubber Sleeve Water Retention series on Youtube if you want a direct comparison of your favorite sleeve brands from Unger, Ettore, Moerman, Maykker, and more!

Choosing the right scrubber for you is easier than you think! When selecting a scrubber sleeve for the job, you’ll want to consider how absorbent its material is, plus its scrubbing power. Most options are machine washable, but we always recommend air drying, as microfiber loses its effectiveness when exposed to high temperatures in machine driers.  You can choose from absorbent microfiber, while others are woven with coarse nylon fibers for extra scrubbing power. Scrubbing power depends on the sleeve and varies from brand to brand but can be mild, hybrid, or aggressive. Some sleeves contain abrasive strips that line the strip washer, which offer additional scrubbing power, so they are aggressive but gentle enough not to scratch glass. Other sleeves feature abrasive pads on either end for additional scrubbing power. These are great for tackling extra tough dirt and grime. A more aggressive option may be suitable for commercial window cleaning situations that need a bit more scrubbing power. 

What is a Maykker
handysleeve complete?

We can’t talk about complete scrubbers without mentioning the Maykker brand, these setups are a little different than the standard T-Bar and sleeve combo. The Maykker Handy Sleeve is a velcro sleeve that holds many different materials such as microfiber cloths, towels, scrubs, pads, and of course, the Maykker Sleeves. Why is the Handy Sleeve such a big deal? The modular applicator allows you to easily swap sleeves, or the Maykker EasyScrubs.  The mop covers from Maykker fit the T-Bar tightly, but you can also use walnut pads or white pads with this. Enjoy a very tight-fitting velcro sleeve, too; no more feeling the sleeve rotate and wiggle around the T-bar. The uses for this tool are endless and go beyond the basic T-Bar/sleeve configuration.

Do I need aggressive
scrubbing power?

While our window cleaning T-Bars and window cleaning sleeves are all sold independently, you can purchase a Complete Scrubber. Complete scrubber setups include both a T-Bar and Sleeve. Not all brands are interchangeable, so be sure to do your due diligence and ensure your T-Bar and sleeve are compatible if you are not purchasing a complete setup. 

If you are looking for something more than just a complete scrubber, a specialty squeegee might be for you. Specialty squeegees are unique, combination tools that save a ton of time and effort. Specialty tools are available in popular brands such as Ettore, Moerman, Unger, and Wagtail. These specialty tools are hybrid combinations of standard squeegees, microfiber mops, and other combined features. You are using two or more window cleaning tools at the price of one when you use a specialty squeegee. Scrub, flip, and squeegee without having to stop and switch tools. Use these combination tools by hand or by extension pole. Great for route work!