We Specialize in Equipment Funding Solutions for the Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Industry.

  • Need a new Water Fed Pole for yourself or your crew? Not sure where to start? We can help!

  • Not sure which purification system is best for you? DI tanks, multi-stage systems, it can get confusing! Let us help!

  • Complete Water Fed Packages available for professional window cleaners. Everything you need right out of the box!


We help window cleaners finance the equipment they need so those big jobs can get done!

  • Zero Money Down

    That's right! Leasing covers 100% of the equipment cost so you don't need to stress about coming up with more money. We can finance any purchase over $1000.

    Increase Profits ASAP

    With leasing, you only need to cover the monthly payment so you can be profitable from the first month. Need a new pole with a higher reach to get that commercial bid? This is a great way to do it!

    Tax Benefits

    Leasing presents you with some amazing tax benefits. IRS Tax Codes allows your company to deduct the full purchase price for whatever you finance as you pay for it!

  • Save Cash

    Cash is King! Seriously! Save your limited cash for other areas of your business. Keep cash flow open and available.


    Leasing is a flexible option and great for window cleaners. Customize a lease to fit your business. All lease documentation and payments are laid out to a customer before they sign.

    Avoid Outdated Equipment

    When you buy equipment, you are stuck with it unless you can sell it. Once your lease is up, you will be given the option to purchase it for $1 or even upgrade to a newer model.

It's quick
and easy to apply!

No upfront costs. No Hassle. Risk-Free. PLUS - same day approvals!

  • So, why financing?

    For many years, Window Cleaning Resource has been providing Complete Equipment Leasing and Financing services for window cleaning. Financed equipment can make you money the day you get it. You can take advantage of tax benefits, avoid out dated equipment, and save cash for something else in your business.

  • Does applying for financing obligate me to anything?

    NO! Applying does not obligate you to anything. Applying will simply see if you are approved and how much you are approved for. All lease documentation and total payments are laid out to a customer before they sign. You agree to the terms and then sign the documents. We walk you through the process step by step.

  • Is this considered a "lease to own" kind of thing?

    Yes! This is not like renting equipment. Once you pay off your lease, the equipment is yours to keep and your property. The first step is applying and seeing if you are approved!

  • What amount of equipment can you finance?

    We can finance any purchase of $1,000 and greater. You can finance one item or multiple items as long as it is above $1000. We typically do not recommend low-cost financing for a small amount such as $1,000 – $2,000. The rates are not as good and you’ll end up paying double or more for cheaper products.

  • What documents do I need once I apply?

    There are certain documents that the banks are always going to want, such as proof of your address, and proof of your business, and ownership. Keep in mind as you go through the process that those documents are not obligating you to do anything. What obligates you is when you get an actual lease contract to sign off on.

  • Can I take advantage of a sale or special promotion if I lease?

    Unfortunately, no. Special offers, promotions, or items on our Sale page are excluded from leases and are not eligible. No exceptions. If you really want to take advantage of a special sale or promotion, complete upfront payment is required.

    Print products are also excluded from lease options.

That's right
- 90 days, NO Pay

Leasing is a great way to get costly equipment while making small, monthly payments that are manageable!

We get quite a few requests from people wanting to invest in equipment: start-up companies, long-term companies that want to add another truck, guys that want to get into pure water cleaning, traditional window cleaners that want to transition over to pure water. One of the options is financing.

The power of cash on hand is an amazing thing and that’s ultimately, at the end of the day, what leasing allows you to do. There’s always expenses you cannot finance and it’s those expenses that are going to crop up when you’re least expecting them too.


  • Learn more about how financing can benefit your window cleaning businesses.

  • Every year we help thousands of window cleaners finance the equipment they need.

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