XERO Water Fed Poles

XERO Water Fed Poles offer the highest quality water fed poles for window cleaning professionals. We have created the XERO line with the window cleaner in mind. Whether budget is important to you, clamp design, stiffness or lightness - there is a XERO pole for you. Choose between the XERO Micro Series, XERO Pro Series or XERO Destroyer Series. XERO Universal Extensions are able to be added onto most poles to reach even higher. Every XERO Pole ships 100% free and comes complete with hose, clamps, and a Tucker® Brush. The only regret you'll have is not purchasing one sooner.

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XERO Waterfed Poles

Step up your window cleaning game with a XERO Waterfed Pole. Be sure to check out our post on 10+ Reasons To Purchase a XERO Pole. Waterfed cleaning is the ultimate way to achieve spotless windows quickly. Why waste time and energy squeegeeing when you can bust out your Waterfed Pole and Pure Water setup? Make your business more productive and successful with this faster way of cleaning. Impress your customers with your speed and quality results. Take on new jobs that would've been too big to handle with a squeegee alone. Expand your list of services and reach a new level of clientele.

Each XERO Water Fed Pole comes ready to go, all you need to do is hook it up to your water purification system. Every pole arrives complete with hose, clamps, and a Tucker® Brush. Effortlessly switch out the brush when you need a new one or want to customize your pole to better satisfy your needs. The EURO threaded pole tip is compatible with most manufacturers goosenecks, angle adapters, and brushes allowing for total flexibility when modifying your XERO pole. The Telescopic design keeps the pole compact while not in use saving space in your work truck or shop.

XERO poles standout as the most affordable, quality water fed option around. These lightweight poles are built with durability and rigidness in mind. Each pole differs in material and comes with all the fittings needed to plug into your water purification system. As an added bonus, all XERO products ship 100% free! Be sure to check out the XERO waterfed packages for a complete window cleaning solution! Various upgrades are also available such as the Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit or the Deluxe Upgrade Kit. From entry-level to ultimate pro, there is an option to fit your business. Pure water systems and waterfed brushes also available.

These easy to maneuver poles are excellent for the novice user to a professional. Quickly brush and rinse glass for a beautiful clean with a water purification system. The Telescopic design allows you to work safely from the ground. You can reach the second floor with the Basic model alone! Browse through the XERO Water Fed Poles online or call and chat with WCR today!

XERO Micro Waterfed Poles

The XERO Micro Water Fed Poles are available in two different types of Carbon Fiber Poles according to your budget and needs. Customers can choose from the XERO Micro Basic (Red) and the XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod (Gold). Every XERO Micro Pole is a TRUE 30-foot pole that comes with everything you need: a Xero Micro pole of your choice, a standard angle adapter, a Tucker Black Hybrid Brush, and 40 feet of XERO Hose.

The XERO Micro Basic (Red Label) is your standard Carbon Fiber pole. It is super affordable but built with durable carbon fiber sections to keep it both stiff and lightweight. A great economy pole that weighs in at just 5 pounds. The durable, bolted on clamps hold each section in place while you're working. This pole is priced affordably and is most commonly sold out of the two Micro poles. Every other section of this pole will drop off. Each of the sections where it drops off is protected by a steel insert end defender.  Talk about durability! You can also add an extension onto this Micro to go to 40 feet or even a second extension to go to 50 feet. So versatile!

Now, for the premier pole in the XERO Micro Series, the XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod (Gold Label) is the absolute best quality! SUPER light and stiff, weighing in at only 4 pounds. It is the lightest version of this pole. Made of Ultra Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber and starts at 30 feet. You can take this pole to 40, 50 or even 60 feet by simply adding extensions onto it. You can drop sections as well. The XERO Gold utilizes the same bolted on and easy to adjust clamps like the other poles in the Micro line. This is the perfect pole for owners/operators who need the best of the best.

Looking for a little color? We have something for you too! Colored Micros are available in 30 foot pole options and are available in blue, green, red, purple, caribbean blue, neon green, hot pink and camo. These are great options if you like to match your tools to your company colors. The colors are bright, vibrant and hard to miss, so if your employees tend to forget equipment at the job site, consider a colored Micro! One note of caution, we recommend that you do not use the colored Micros with harsh chemicals as the colors will fade.

Remember all XERO Micro Poles ship FAST and free! Get in touch with us today if you need help selecting a pole!

XERO Pro Waterfed Poles

The XERO Pro poles are 100% Carbon Fiber that are priced right and also come in two different tiers to meet your budget and needs - the XERO Pro line has it all! Each XERO Pro model comes with your choice of pole, premium XERO Hose, a standard angle adapter and a Tucker Black Nylon Dual Trim Brush.

The XERO Pro Basic (Red Label) is a phenomenal value and the best in its class. The XERO Pro Basic is the most economical and commonly sold model in the XERO Pro line. It's available in 30, 40 and 50-foot options. The clamps on the XERO Pro Basic Water Fed Pole are durable, easy to maneuver and bolted on so they won't fail on the job. A high-quality pole at a great price point! 

Finally, the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod (Gold Label) is the best quality in the line of XERO Pro poles. This is considered an owner/operator pole when you need to have the best. This pole is extremely lightweight because it's made from the highest quality Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber! Available in 30, 40 and 50 feet to start. You can even bring this pole to 60 or even 70 feet by adding extensions. This is the lightest and stiffest pole in the Pro series! 

What do we love about XERO Pro poles? They are extremely versitile and you can add (or remove) sections as needed. That means your pole can grow with you! Check out this article for more benefits: Ten+ Reasons To Buy A XERO Pole!

XERO Destroyer Waterfed Poles

If you are looking for a pole unlike anything else on the market, the XERO Destroyer poles are our stiffest, toughest models yet! These poles are made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber making it remarkably light and high-quality. The XERO Destroyer Poles are perfect for professional window cleaners looking for a high reach commercial pole. Feeling like you need some color? Check out the Neon Green XERO Destroyer Pole!

The XERO Destroyer Poles come in heights ranging from 30 feet all the way to 90 feet! This is our most versatile pole yet.  The base 30-foot pole weighs only 4.8 pounds. Universal+ Extension can be added for more height and only adds 2.1 pounds. In fact, the Universal+ Extensions are made up of two sections and expand out to give you an extra ten feet. Add and remove extensions as necessary to save weight and increase maneuverability on smaller jobs. Enjoy bolted on, durable clamps that are easy to adjust on the job. No need to overbuy in the beginning! Start small and add sections to your pole as you grow, that's the beauty of the XERO series of water fed poles, you will never outgrow it!

These poles come complete with everything you need to start cleaning! You'll get enough hose for your pole plus ten feet to hook up to your pure water system. This pole comes with a high-quality Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush for tackling any job big or small. These 12-inch Tucker brushes feature outer nylon bristles that offer excellent glide and inner boars hair bristles that scrub glass aggressively. 

If you are looking to tackle those BIG jobs, you need to get your hands on the stiffest pole on the market. This was designed specifically for the window cleaner working at maximum heights. Looking for the stiffest pole for residential? Check ou the XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole!

A Glimpse Into XERO Pole Production

What's inside your XERO Pole Box?

XERO's Water Fed Variety

XERO's Unheard of Warranty

The XERO Guarantee

A Water Fed Pole is an investment and you deserve to buy with confidence! We offer a no headaches, no fine print, and no questions asked twelve-year warranty with any purchase of a XERO Water Fed Pole, that includes the Micro Series, Pro Series or Destroyer Series. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is backed by a simple and straightforward "No Questions Asked Warranty!" Know that our Warranty Policy covers a twelve-year warranty of XERO Carbon Fiber Poles and a twelve-year warranty on XERO HiMod Poles. If there is a problem, just reach out to us and we will get it fixed as soon as possible. We know how much you depend on equipment that just works. 

Window Cleaning Resource always guarantees that any XERO Pole you purchase will be in top working condition ready to perform. XERO products will just work right out of the box. No fiddling, no adjusting, no frustration. Rest assured, we are 100% confident in the quality of every XERO product!

Issues are usually pretty rare but if you are having a problem with your XERO Pole or are experiencing problems you can submit a warranty form or get in touch with us. We will personally make sure you are taken care of. Be sure to include pictures and be as descriptive as possible when submitting a warranty form so we can get it submitted and process as quickly as possible.