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About the XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

The XERO Micro Water Fed Pole comes in several different colors and lengths! You can customize the length and color of your choosing. The fun colors come in 30 feet only, but the normal black universal extensions can be added if you need a longer pole. Black poles comes in 30, 40, and 50 feet.

If you were thinking this pole has it all, just wait. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 all have built-in end protectors so you can use them like you would any base section. Ditch sections you don't need for the lightest, shortest pole around! The unmatched interior configuration utilizes every available inch.

This pole comes with a standard angle adapter, the exclusive Tucker Black Hybrid Brush, and XERO Hose. This sleek-looking setup has everything you need to assemble it right from the box. The Tucker dual trim design allows outer nylon bristles to splay across the glass for amazing glide, while interior boars hair bristles agitate dirt and grime so the jets can blast it away. It has a hose the length of your pole plus 10 feet!

Do not use the colored Micros with harsh chemicals as the colors will fade.

*Hose Color May Vary

**Camouflage Pole features pattern on base only



  • 30 Foot Pole Collapses to only 53.5"
  • 9 Sections
  • Includes Brush, Hose, Tip, and More
  • Odd Sections have Built-In End Defenders
  • Add Universal Extensions later for a longer pole

Check Out the Specifics of Your New Pole Below:

Product Name Color Pole Type XERO Base Pole XERO Universal Extension Weight-Lbs Weight-Grams Number Of Sections
XERO Micro Pole - 30 Foot Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole None 5.48 1,938 9
XERO Micro Pole - 40 Foot Black Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole One 10 Foot Extension 6.47 2,938 9
XERO Micro Pole - 50 Foot Black Modular Scopic 30 Foot Micro Pole Two 10 Foot Extensions 8.68 3,938 9

Included with Each Kit:

  • XERO Micro Water Fed Pole
  • XERO Hose
  • Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush
  • Standard Angle Adapter

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Ask a Question
  • I’m wondering if you sell, or can sell the 30 ft pole separately, and what would the price be?

    Hey Traci, yes we can. This can be done through a phone order, so please give us a call at 862-266-0677, and we can get that order in for you!

  • Is there an extension for this if I wanted to add 10' section to it on a later time?

    Yes, you could add our XERO Universal Extension which would add an extra 10 feet.

  • what is the hose size that comes with this pole? Thanks

    The Xero tubing is 5/16 OD.

  • How much do the zero micro poles weigh?

    Thanks for posting this question. There are 3 versions of the Micro. Standard Carbon Fiber - 5.1 lbs Himod Carbon Fiber - 5.2 lbs Gold Ultra Himod - 4lbs

  • What is the weight of each complete pole, red, green and gold? I couldn't find the specs. Thank you

    Hi Patrick - Red = 5lbs, Green = 5lbs & the Gold is 4lbs

  • What is diameter of the 8th and 9th pole?

    Thanks for posting this question. The #8 section measures 1 11/16" The #9 section measures 1 3/4"

  • Are the clamps glued or bolted on?

    As of 2019, all XERO clamps are bolted on not glued for easy adjustment and replacement.

  • How much are replacement clamps?

    As of this writing replacement clamps are $5 per piece. They are of high quality and are warrantied for 1 full year from purchase. If they break please let us know.

  • How much hose comes with it?

    Every XERO Pole comes with 10 feet longer than the pole length. If you get a 30 Foot Pole you will receive 40 feet of XERO hose with it.

  • What other brushes can I use with this pole?

    You can use any brush you like. Every XERO Pole comes complete with a Euro & Acme threaded tip.

  • Are clamps glued or bolted on?

    Thanks for posting this question. The clamps on the Xero Micro pole are bolt on. Nice and easy to fix or adjust in the field.

  • How much are replacement clamps?

    Thanks for posting this question. The Xero replacement clamps are extremely affordable. Have a look at the link below.

  • How much hose comes with it?

    Thanks for posting this question. The 30' Xero Micro comes with 40' of tubing and fittings.

  • What other brushes can I use?

    Thanks for posting this question. Any brush with the industry standard "euro" threads will work with the Xero Micro poles.

  • How many sections?

    The XERO Micro is a 9 section pole.

  • What kind of brush does it come with?

    12" Hybrid material style brush.

  • What is the warranty policy?

    XERO Water Fed Poles come with a 3-year carbon fiber warranty. If a section breaks within 3 years of purchase we will replace it for free.

  • Are the ends protected?

    Yes, every other section of the XERO Micro has built-in end defenders to protect the carbon fiber.

  • Can you add sections?

    Yes, you can add a XERO Universal EXT section at any time. You can add multiple Universal EXTs that will each give you 10 feet extra of actual length to your XERO Micro Water Fed Pole.

  • Can you drop sections?

    Yes, all 9 sections of the XERO Micro are removable. Every other section has a metal End Defender to protect your pole from premature wear and tear.

  • What is the actual extended length

    30.5 Feet - The XERO Micro will give you approximately 35 of reach.

  • What is the material?

    The XERO Micro Basic ( Red Label ) is made out of 100% standard Carbon Fiber.

  • What is the weight?

    The XERO Micro Basic ( Red Label ) weighs 5 lbs.

  • How long is this pole collapsed?

    54 Inches

  • Wondering what the weights of each 30' XERO micro Pole are... standard, 3K, gold series so I could compare. Also, does this pole come with the adapter for your traditional tools when you use it as a trad pole or do you have to buy that separate?

    The Micro Basic and Micro 3k weigh 5 lbs. The Micro Gold Ultimate weighs 4 lbs. Starting 4/1/2019 ALL Xero Water Fed Poles will come standard with a free Euro & Acme pole tip suitable for traditional tools.

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