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Buckets, among other accessories, are essential for professional window cleaners. Choose from rectangular or round buckets that hold anywhere from 3.5 to 6 gallons of water. Window Cleaning Resource carries buckets manufactured by Unger, Ettore, Pulex, Sorbo and more. These buckets are made of sturdy and durable plastic so it can withstand daily use. Depending on brand, different colors are also in stock. Bucket Accessories such as lids, handles, clips, casters and sieves are also available. Check out entire selection of Window Cleaning Supplies & Tools for more supplies.

From round to rectangular, 3.5 to 6 gallon, which bucket is right for you? Alex explains the differences and perks of each style in this helpful video. Don't forget to pick up your Bucket Accessories to complete your set up with a lid and casters!

Blue Window Cleaning Bucket in Use


Although commonly used by professional window cleaners across the world, buckets are often overlooked and under appreciated making them one of the unsung heroes of window cleaning. While they don’t get the spotlight like squeegees or water-fed systems, they’re crucial for hauling around your favorite window-cleaning solution. Picking the right bucket can make you feel more confident in your cleaning abilities so take some time to compare your options. We’ll dive into what separates window-cleaning buckets from one another so you can make the best choice

Round Blue Window Cleaning Bucket Filled

What should I look for in a bucket for window cleaning?

So, you’re searching for the perfect window cleaning bucket. What’s on your checklist? Durability, for starters—you want a bucket that can handle the epic saga of daily use without falling apart. Capacity is next; a bucket that’s too small is like bringing a teaspoon to a soup-eating contest. Although, it will be less of a hassle to carry. And most importantly, your tools need to fit comfortably, because playing Tetris with your squeegee and scrubber every time you dip them is no fun. A sturdy, roomy bucket that can easily accommodate your tools is what you’re after. For many window cleaners, a comfortable, ergonomic handle as well as a tight-fitting lid will be essential to avoiding spills when moving your window cleaning bucket. Not only does it save you valuable solution, but it also prevents unwanted messes as well. If you want to really plan things out, check out the bucket accessories available on WCR to see which ones you like the most to guide your decision. For example, you might want to add castor wheels to your bucket to move around more easily. If that's the case, make sure the bucket you choose is designed to accommodate castor wheels; this can be done simply by reading the product description. Lastly, if your work vehicle or garage is limited in space, think about what size and shape would fit best for your setup. 

Green Window Cleaning Bucket and Dawn Soap

Difference between round and rectangle buckets?

Ah, the great shape debate. Good old round buckets will take up less floor space, making them great travel companions. But when it comes to accommodating your larger squeegees or T-bars, they might leave you wishing for a bit more elbow room. Enter the rectangle bucket—these bad boys offer the luxury of space, making them the first-class option for your bigger tools. Plus, they’re less likely to tip over, which means saying goodbye to unexpected water features in your work area. A great, go-to, rectangular window cleaning bucket would be the 6-gallon Pulex. This durable yet lightweight bucket can get it all done. However, for smaller jobs where you’ll need less solution and smaller tools, the 3.5-gallon Round Bucket by Ettore might be the best option. Think about the size of the tools you’ll be using as well as your space for storage when choosing between round or rectangular window cleaning buckets.

Round Blue Window Cleaning Bucket in Use


This is where you want to get it just right. Too small, and you’re back and forth to the tap more often than you’d like. Too big, and you’ve got a mini workout every time you move it. For most, a larger rectangular 6-gallon bucket will have you covered for any scenario so it can be a great choice. Just remember, you don’t need to fill it all the way for those smaller projects. Of course, if you’re really trying to travel light or working in tight quarters, a smaller bucket may be your ticket to happiness. The 3-gallon Unger Pro Bucket is rectangular for stability and compatibility with tools up to 14” and its compact, narrow design makes it more maneuverable and easy to carry. Another cool feature of this bucket is the built-in shelves so you don’t have to get your hands soaked every time you reach for a tool. Again, consider the number and size of windows you’ll be cleaning when trying to choose the best bucket for you.

Blue Rectangular Window Cleaning Bucket


To lid or not to lid? That is the question. While you might think a lid is just a nice-to-have, it’s actually very important. It’s all about keeping your water clean, preventing spills during those cross-country treks across properties, or trudging up and down stairs. It can even serve as an impromptu shelf or table. Plus, if you’re transporting your gear in your vehicle, a lid means arriving with as much water as you left with. So, yes, a lid might just become your new best friend.

what's the largest t-bar i can fit in a bucket?

Here’s where size really does matter. If you’re rocking a full-size rectangle bucket (6 gallons), you can usually fit a T-bar up to 18 inches wide, which covers a lot of ground (or glass, in this case). But if you’re someone who prefers a larger T-Bar, you might be out of luck. Consider picking up a good solution sprayer to use with your larger scrubbers instead, there’s always a solution to your problems at WCR. 

Waterboy Window Cleaning Cart?

The Waterboy Window Cleaning Cart, think of it as the Rolls Royce of window cleaning buckets, but with a trick up its sleeve—it’s on wheels! This cart is for the window cleaning pros who want to put more time and energy into window cleaning rather than lugging around water. It’s like having an extra helper right at your side. Ideal for tackling those big jobs or just keeping things easy and efficient, the Waterboy Cart can be a game-changer. If that’s not your style, then check out a similar companion, the Sörbo Quadropod. This awesome piece of equipment features a tripod with wheels that support a round bucket for quick and easy maneuvering of your solution and tools. Together these very helpful devices can take some strain off your back making your cleaning days something you can look forward to.

Although seemingly simple, choosing the right window cleaning bucket for your work can feel more difficult than anticipated. But don’t overthink it. It’s all about making your life easier, one clean window at a time. So think about the size of the tools you’ll be using most frequently and how much solution you think you’ll want to have on hand. Whether you’re team round or rectangle, prefer a nimble 3-gallon or a heftier size, or even decide to invest in the luxury of a Waterboy Cart, there’s a perfect bucket out there waiting for you.