Extension Poles

Window Cleaning Extension Poles available for residential, route work or storefront! Window Cleaning Resource carries a selection of high-quality extension poles. Extension poles allow the user to reach higher heights without the use of ladders. Choose from top brands including Garelick, Unger, Ettore, Sorbo, Pulex, Tucker, and more! Extension poles consist of durable materials like high-grade aluminum or fiberglass. Their composition is sturdy, lightweight, and flexible. Just starting out? Check out the Window Cleaner's Guide to Extension Poles!

What is the best window cleaning extension pole?

Many consider the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole to be the best all around window cleaning extension pole. The XERO Carbon Fiber Pole - Trad Pole 2.0 comes in sizes of 8, 12, 16, and 20 feet! These window-cleaning carbon fiber poles are light and durable for easy extension work. Each pole nests into the size above, so when you purchase the full 20-foot length, you can drop sections as you need. The clamps are very simple to use, and they are designed to prevent twists, turns, and pole slide-downs. When the clamps are locked, they don't allow the pole to rotate as some other telescopic poles do. There’s no need to twist anything. The smooth action and durable clamps keep extended sections locked in place, and these are bolted on, so no more glued-on clamps fail on you in the field. Each section also features a built-in end defender to keep your pole from getting damaged when you set it down. XERO’s compact design also makes it easy to transport and store.

This extension pole is designed with the highest quality materials, and you WILL feel the difference between Carbon Fiber and Aluminum. When you use a pole frequently, you will notice how light, rigid, and compact it is when compared to other extension poles on the market. It will massively cut down on fatigue and shoulder pain. We took the functional aspect of how we engineered our XERO waterfed poles and transformed them into an affordable extension pole for traditional tools. XERO Trad Poles allow you to pick your length, color and your pole tip. Choose between XERO, Unger, Unger, Moerman, or a Wagtail pole tip.

Remember that this is a full carbon fiber pole specially made for traditional tools. Each section is pulled apart, and end protection is included in every section, increasing versatility. We've developed an anti-spin acme pole tip for this pole and all XERO poles. Unlike many aluminum poles, all parts on this pole can be replaced, which falls under our premium XERO Warranty. We also have a simple upgrade kit to make any Xero Trad Pole into a water-fed pole, check out the XERO Deluxe Trad Pole Upgrade Kit.

We are so confident in the design of the XERO Trad Pole that we are positive this will change the way you approach pole work.

Why choose carbon fiber extension poles? The answer lies in their combination of strength and lightness. Carbon fiber is an advanced material known for its durability, making it an ideal choice for window cleaning. These poles offer impressive rigidity and strength, allowing you to tackle tough cleaning tasks with ease. Simultaneously, the carbon fiber construction ensures that the poles remain astonishingly lightweight, reducing fatigue and improving maneuverability.

Mayyker Mini
Extension Poles

Tired of lugging around clunky, heavy, oversized extension poles? We don't blame you! The Maykker Mini Extension Pole is ideal for storefronts and single-story houses. The best part of this pole is how compact it is. It is only 33 inches which extends out to a full 8 feet! Easy to transport, store and fit in your work vehicle. Perfect for daily route work!

This pole is ideal for working in tight spaces when longer sectioned poles are impractical. Love the versatility of it. Easily reach around displays, harrow hallways, awkward angles, obstructions, and more. Need a little more height? Check out the Maykker Mini Add-On Set to add 3 additional feet!

With a hybrid material, this pole is a great mix of lightweight and rigidity. The five sections utilize a special clamping system that allows you to extend the pole and secure sections in place. A base cap protects the end from damage if you set your pole on the ground while you switch out tools.

The Maykker Products Mini comes standard with an Acme Tip with a wood cone adapter for using traditional window cleaning tools. Want to upgrade your pole with a specialized adapter for your favorite tool brands like Moerman, Unger, Ettore, and Wagtail? It's all possible!

Want to convert it to use with your waterfed equipment? No problem! Just switch out the Acme tip for a Euro Tip, and you can attach a water fed brush!

The XERO J2 Pole

Another popular option is the XERO J2 Extension Pole! The J2 was the brainchild of WCR and the BackFlip Boys, Jacob Williams and James Riley. Their ideas and specs for this short, fiberglass pole became the J2! Each section has a built-in end defender to keep them protected when you set your pole down. That also means you can take sections off if you want an even shorter pole!

This handy extension pole is an exceptional choice for the storefront window cleaner with a daily route to tackle. Collapsing down to a mere 40 inches, this bad boy's three sections extend out to a true-to-measure 6 feet! Weighing in at 1lb, you'll have a blast crushing your work with this pole in your kit!

Other Brands of Extension Poles

Another popular extension pole is the Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole. These poles feature an ergonomic handle, an aluminum body, and an Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip for fitting your favorite Ettore tools. These poles are made of anodized gold aluminum, making them strong and light. This is a great pole for storefronts or when you need just a little more reach. If you are just starting out, a home owner or on a really tight budget, we now offer a Consumer Grade REA-C-H pole as well!

Unger makes a few extension poles including the Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole, Unger TelePlus Pole System and the Unger Henry's Handi Handle Pole. The most popular unger extension pole is the Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole, made from light and durable aluminum. These poles work with a variety of styles so you can make quick work of storefront windows. Choose your number of sections and pole length so you are ready to get to work! The external collars are easy to operate and allow you to extend the pole sections and lock them in place.

The Garelick Extension Pole is also a popular choice among window cleaners. Their unique internal locking mechanism makes them easy to use, durable and less susceptible to damage. The sections extend with a very easy twist of the section so you can work easier and faster. No bulky collars, just an easy locking system. High-quality, rigid and lightweight.

Finally, we spotlight the newest extension pole from Moerman, the Moerman Carbonator. The Carbonator comes in 12, 16 and 25 foot options. Every size of the Carbonator has five sections, allowing you to determine the length of the pole when you need it. These are easy to use, handle and the rubber bottom is great for maneuverability. Operate it collapsed or fully extended and pair with your favorite Moerman tools! These poles do not come with a pole tip so keep in mind you can use the Universal Locking Cone or a Dr. Angle pole tip from Moerman.

A telescopic pole, or extension pole, can be useful for residential, commercial, storefront, or route work. Extension poles are designed to be used with different attachments and traditional tools for professional window cleaners. Extension poles are also much more versatile than ladders. They are easier to transport on the job site, less bulky, and the safety benefits are enormous. The days of lugging around clunky, heavy, oversized ladders is over. WCR carries many extension poles from different brands, including XERO, Ettore, Maykker, Garelick, Unger, Moerman, Unger, and many more. Not all extension poles are created equally. Whether you are looking for something small and lightweight or something more versatile, you can find it here.