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When it comes to window cleaning, having your favorite bucket filled with the essentials, such as squeegees, scrubbers, scrapers, and towels, is just the beginning. There are several traditional brushes that we recommend having on hand. Our brushes have multiple uses, too, whether it be for removing dust and cobwebs, cleaning air vents screens, as well as countless other uses. When one thinks of “window cleaning brushes,” you might typically think of waterfed brushes, but there are several options for traditional window cleaning brushes as well. From track brushes to screen brushes, flow-through brushes to flat-block brushes and scrub brushes, we carry it all! 

Whether you need a tiny brush for window tracks, a good bristle brush for scrubbing awnings, or brick, or even a curved tool for ceiling fans, we have you covered with all the options you could ever want! Some brushes can serve multiple purposes for various surfaces, saving you money and effort. A well-designed window cleaning brush takes into consideration the materials of the windows and surrounding areas. It is less likely to scratch or damage the glass or window frames, ensuring that your windows remain in good condition after each cleaning session.

Let’s talk track brushes first! One of our most popular and affordable options is the WCR Track Cleaner.  A track brush is one of those small but must-have items for any window cleaner. Quickly get in all of those hard-to-reach cracks and grooves.  Have it on hand or on your belt. This specially designed brush fits in the palm of your hand and is made with a durable wooden handle and stiff red bristles. Not only will this tool last you a while, but its bright color will also save you time looking for it when you need it the most! It’s one of our most highly reviewed items in the story! Maykker also offers a handy track brush as well. The Maykker Track Brush comes in a pack of three, so you always have a spare on hand! It features an ergonomic handle, an angled main brush head, and a smaller tuft of bristles on the back to get into the nitty gritty of window sills and screen tracks. You can also check out the upgraded Maykker Track Brush Plus for an even more comprehensive track clean! 

It’s also always a good idea to keep a dust or screen-cleaning brush nearby, just in case! When you come across screens that have that extra layer of dust, the XERO Medium Bristle Brush is a great option to really tackle the worst of it. This handheld brush features a hardwood block and, as the name suggests, incorporates black bristles that feature a medium stiffness. Alternatively, the  XERO Horsehair Fine Bristle Dust Brush is perfect for removing small dirt and dust particles from screens without damaging them. This brush features black horsehair bristles. and is intended for handheld use. We offer other handheld brushes as well. The World Enterprises Hogs Hair Brush, for example, is a  wooden block brush equipped with boar's hair bristles that are ultra coarse and aggressive on stuck-on dirt. We have something for every situation!

Many of our window cleaning brushes can be used in conjunction with your extension pol, too!  One example is the Unger Ceiling Fan Duster, which features its function in its name. This handy tool features a microfiber sleeve that fits over a curved arm so you can easily swipe dust off of fan blades. Removable and washable, it’s good to have on hand. Unger actually has a few brushes for unique cleaning situations. If you find yourself tackling dust and cobwebs often, The Elite Cobweb Duster by Ettore is a perfect option to have on hand. Easily clean corners, lamps, window screens, and more. It's perfect for adapting to the shape of crown moldings to get rid of dust. Use it by hand or attach it to your extension pole so you can reach up high with ease. If you have ever struggled with cleaning window blinds, the Ettore Mini Blind Duster could be for you. This tool is often overlooked, but it is relieving to have on hand when you can breeze through those blinds, returning them to like-new! It is so satisfying to have the perfect tool for the job!

Soft bristles? Stiff bristles? What’s better? That depends on the situation, of course. The Mr. LongArm Bi-Level Flow-Thru Brush is an excellent example of a brush offered in multiple variations.  The green and blue brush has very soft bristles and will not scratch gutters, glass, or painted surfaces. Alternatively, the yellow brush is a stiff cleaning brush used for cleaning siding, stucco, brick, wood, etc. These brushes include a threaded hole for easy attachment to any regular Acme threaded extension pole. 

A high-quality window cleaning brush is designed to effectively remove dirt, dust, grime, and other debris from the surface of the window, window sills, tracks, and screens. The right brush can make the cleaning process faster and more efficient, saving you time and effort. Investing in a durable brush means you won't have to replace it frequently, saving you money in the long run. Whether you are looking for a stiff bristle brush for aggressive scrubbing power, soft bristles for a dusty detailing job, or the perfect track brush, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Window Cleaning Resource.

Window Cleaning Resource offers many different types of window cleaning brushes. Shop brushes made specifically for ceiling fans, vents, screens, and windows. We also carry track brushes, dust brushes, and pipe brushes. We have whatever you need to get the job done. Some tools will even attach to the end of your extension poles for easy cleaning. If you are looking for Waterfed Brushes, we have them too. Shop our entire selection of Window Cleaning Supplies & Tools today!