Window Cleaning Scrapers available for purchase. Shop a wide variety of scrapers and blades used to remove the stubborn buildup of dirt. Shop brands such as Ettore, Unger, Triumph, Wagtail and more! Angled and straight scraper designs available. Shop scraper accessories such as blades, replacement parts, covers and scraper holsters. Have questions? Call 862-266-0677.

Whether you are working on a construction clean or debris from windows can’t be removed by just washing them, a window cleaning scraper is a helpful tool to have on hand. Window cleaning scrapers can easily remove paint, tape, stickers and a variety of construction debris like stucco or caulk from walls, windows, tiles, and glass. A reliable scraper is the most effective tool for removing stubborn debris from the glass without causing damage or scratching the glass. A professional window cleaner runs into many situations that may require a scraper; bird excrement, holiday window paint and other adhesives. When tackling heavily soiled or grimy windows, starting with wet glass and a scraper is the best approach. It allows you to remove the bulk of the debris quickly, making subsequent cleaning steps more manageable. 

We know the importance of reliable tools so we only stock the best brands of scrapers and replacement blades from brands such as Unger, Ettore, and World Enterprises. You can find a scraper that fits your needs and style no matter what job comes up. Single edge scrapers, for example, are small, palm-sized, scrapers with a retractable 1.5 inch blade. These pocket-sized scrapers usually include a safety cover so it is perfect for keeping on you or your belt. These smaller options are great for French panes or diamond windows. Other scrapers come in multiple sizes varying from 3 inches to 6 inches. Typically though, 5 and 6 inch scrapers seem to be the most popular among our customers. Once you know what size you need, consider that scrapers come in angled, swivel, or even pivoting options; whatever your preference, we have a scraper for you! 

When selecting which scraper is best for you, it is best to keep in mind what kind of jobs you will be working on. It’s great to have a few sizes and options at your fingertips. A durable and popular option is the Unger Ninja Ergotec Scraper, which is designed with comfort in mind and provides an ergonomic handle with a secure grip and high-quality precision-cut blades. It also has an angling head which makes it great for pole work. Most kinds of scrapers generally allow you to attach them to your window cleaning extension pole, which can be very helpful.. 

A scraper is made up of three replacement parts, the cover, blade and insert track, all of which we stock. The cover protects both the blade and the operator. The blades are incredibly sharp so always use caution and pay attention when using a scraper. The blade is placed on the insert track which is slid into the head of the scraper. The insert track keeps the blade steady and secure within the scraper tool. The handle is often made of material that makes it lightweight and ergonomic. A handle that has a nonslip grip is always helpful as well. 

We also carry scraper blades. Remember to purchase the correct size blade for your scraper since they also come in different sizes.  Window cleaning scraper blades are generally made of stainless steel or carbon steel and made incredibly thin, which in turn makes them very sharp. Whether you choose carbon or stainless steel is up to you but generally carbon steel is preferred for heavy-duty use, it’s thicker and slightly stronger. The con to carbon steel is it can rust faster. Stainless steel blades on the other hand are more flexible and more resistant to rust but aren’t quite as sharp, they are more suitable for occasional use. Keeping your scraper fit with a fresh blade not only makes removing debris from the glass more effortless and more efficient, it also prevents jumps and chatters, which could lead to damaging the glass or injuring yourself. Never use a scraper with a rusty, dull or damaged blade!

It is essential to ensure the glass is wet before utilizing a window cleaning scraper to ensure the safety of the glass surface. Wetting the glass before scraping will soften the grime and debris present on the surface so your blade can easily slip underneath to remove any adherence to the surface cleanly. Oftentimes, adding soap to the solution will make it even easier for your scraper to glide smoothly over the glass and effectively remove even the most stubborn residue. 

To break it down further, applying a solution to the window adds a thin layer of lubrication that reduces friction between the blade and the glass, minimizing the risk of scratching the glass, especially with particularly tough hard water stains or baked-on dirt. This lubrication also aids in the safe utilization of a window cleaning scraper, maintaining control and avoiding chatter on the glass. An adjustable scraper can come in handy here, they allow the head to be maneuvered so that it can be flat or bent at an angle, whatever the job calls for. Retractable scrapers can also be handy. They allow the blade to be retracted into the head of the scraper tool when not in use so a cover is usually not needed for these.

When a scraper is used on dry glass, there is a higher chance of particles and debris getting trapped between the blade and the glass, potentially causing scratches or undesirable marks. Wetting the glass flushes out these particles, safeguarding the integrity of the glass. Working on wet glass allows you to clean larger areas safer and more efficiently. The scraper can glide smoothly without unnecessary resistance or sudden jolts, saving you time and effort during the cleaning process. 

To add an extra layer of protection to yourself, we always recommend presenting a scratch waiver to your customer for your protection. Do not sign anything that says it is your responsibility to point out fabricating debris on the glass. A scraper’s blade will not scratch glass when used correctly, the glass is harder than the blade. However, ​​window cleaners need to be aware of the risk involved in cleaning certain types of glass, such as tempered glass. Read more about Fabricating Debris and how it can cause scratched glass.

If you ever accidentally scratch a window, there are professional options available that can remedy the damage. Check out the Glass Renu Scratch Removal kits for extra peace of mind. They offer a few professional kits that are perfect for removing scratches from glass but it can also help with hard water stains, building run-off, construction clean up, pet scratches, scratch tag graffiti and more. 

It is a smart idea to keep your scraper at an arm's reach while working, which is why we offer a wide variety of window cleaning holsters that accommodate scrapers, typically these loop right onto your belt to keep everything within easy reach while you work. A holster can optimize your workflow and save time, whether you're up on a ladder or working at ground level. Crafted from high-quality materials, like leather or Bio-Thane, our holsters are built to withstand the rigors of professional window cleaning. 

If a scraper won’t cut it, keep in mind we have a variety of window cleaning abrasives that can also help. Popular options include walnut scrub pads, white scrub pads, steel wool and so much more! Regardless, we have a variety of  complete scrapers, scraper blades, scraper replacement parts and scraper holsters. Shop the largest inventory of window cleaning supplies today! You’ll be ready for whatever job comes your way!