Grow your business with our free window cleaning training

Welcome to The “Learn to Clean Windows” program! This free course is designed for window cleaning business owners who need well-trained employees to handle the work while they focus on marketing, sales, hiring, processes, and daily operations. Our training modules offer step-by-step guidance to achieve safe and effective results. Join our community of learners and empower your team to tackle any window cleaning challenge with confidence.

This material is straightforward and practical, focusing on safety, efficiency, and liability—key aspects your employees will encounter in the field. With universal industry knowledge at your fingertips, you can get back to managing your business effectively. Our platform uses the VARK method (Visual, Audio, Reading, and Kinesthetic learning) to cater to all learning styles. Most contractors rely on kinesthetic teaching methods, which, while important, can be time-consuming and costly. By starting employees on this platform, they gain a solid base of knowledge, reducing the time needed to explain basics in the field. Save time, money, and effort with our comprehensive training content.


    Each module focuses on safety, efficiency, and quality of work. Compiled of videos, pictures, graphics, writing, and more. Including:

    • Training
    • Documentation
    • Window Cleaning
    • Water Fed Poles
    • Post Construction
    • Safe Driving
    • Solar Panel Cleaning

    The download page is filled with forms and infographics used to keep company records, training or inspiration. Including:

    • Training
    • Documentation
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Reports
    • HR Documents
    • Infographics
    • Scripts

    Regular safety meetings to keep you and the crew fresh on best practices and safe working.

    • Ladders
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Electric Hazards
    • Accidents
    • Fall Protection
    • Heat
    • General Fatigue