Window Cleaning Buckets

Window Cleaning Buckets and other bucket accessories such as lids and handles are available. Browse rectangular or round buckets that hold anywhere from 3.6 to 6 gallons of liquid. Bucket On A Belt options also available. A bucket on a belt provides window cleaners with quick and safe access to handy tools. Tools such as squeegee channels, washers, and scrapers can stay within reach. Enjoy boabs from top brands such as Moerman, Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Wagtail. Most buckets on a belt can also fit 0.75 liters of liquid cleaner. Choose from detachable or fixed models. Certain designs can also attach to belt holsters with a quick release lock. No need to waste time getting off the ladder! The bucket on a belt is also ideal when working in heights or narrow spaces.Holsters and belts are also available.

When it comes to professional window cleaning, the right tools can make all the difference. Our selection of window cleaning buckets is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial window cleaning professionals. These buckets are not just containers; they are an essential component of your window cleaning arsenal. Most are made of durable, lightweight plastic so they will last for years to come.

Why invest in a professional window cleaning bucket? The answer is simple: efficiency and effectiveness. A well-designed bucket allows you to carry an optimal amount of cleaning solution and water, reducing the need for constant refills. The ergonomic handles ensure comfortable transportation, minimizing strain on your wrists and back. Plus, some options, like the Pulex Bucket, come in several fun colors so that you can color-code or match your company colors. 

It is important that your bucket is large enough to accommodate a window cleaning scrubber. Most are made to hold three to six gallons. There are rectangular and circular buckets but rectangular buckets are the most popular. With their wide, rectangular opening, most of these buckets can fit an 18-inch brush or washer with plenty of room to dip and move them about. When you’re not on the job these buckets are great for storage and let you carry a variety of items such as your gloves, soaps, and tools. Keep in mind that some buckets are complete sets that include the lid, in other ones the lid is sold separately so make sure you read the product description.

Buckets even go beyond window cleaning! If you offer gutter cleaning as a service, you may need a bucket as well. No need to get fancy when it comes to cleaning up that gutter debris. Any round 5-gallon bucket, like the World Enterprises Round Bucket will do. A lot of customers hang it with a bungee from the ladder so you can neatly work with the debris and discard it later.

Our selection of window cleaning bucket-on-a-belts, or BOABs, allow you to have your window cleaning tools right at your fingertips, literally. Keep your squeegees, scrubbers and channels at your hip. BOABs also help you stay organized and efficient while keeping your hands free to focus on the job at hand. With a secure attachment mechanism, the bucket on a belt ensures that your squeegees, scrubbers, towels, or scrapers are always within hands reach, eliminating the need for constant bending and minimizing having to get up and down the ladder. This saves a ton of time and energy.

The bucket on a belt system is not just about convenience; it's about optimizing your workflow. By streamlining your movements, you can complete your jobs with greater speed and precision. Typically these hip buckets are made of durable plastic, fabric, or a mixture of the two. Some will attach or loop directly to your belt, others have the ability to detach with a clip. BOABs that feature a detachable clip allow for fast and easy removal from your belt which can be helpful.

Regardless, one of the main functions of a BOAB is to hold a liquid cleaning solution to prevent making trips down to a bucket to re-apply. If you are worried about whether or not it will leak and get your leg wet, just be conscious of emptying your BOAB often so you can stay dry and comfortable. Whether you're working on ground-level windows or other storefront properties, the bucket on a belt is worth having on your belt set up.

There are a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting your BOAB. Some things to consider include cost, material, size, capacity, and durability. The highest-quality and most durable option is the Maykker Silencer 2 or the Grackle, both made of military-grade, scuba-rated nylon. These are more of luxury bucket-on-a-belts for the owner/operator who wants the best. However, we offer many cost-effective options as well. The Moerman Drywalker and Aztec Samurai have both been very popular since their release.

We also offer many bucket accessories to customize your workflow further. From tool holders and organizers to dividers and covers, our accessories allow you to maximize your bucket's potential and create a tailored cleaning solution. Bucket sieves are a great accessory and add-on if you want to keep your window cleaning tools out of your bucket water. They are usually made of tough plastic construction for longevity. Unger, Ettore and Pulex all have bucket sieves available for their buckets.  These bucket additions are designed to clip on the side of the bucket and are generally made out of metal or durable plastic.  The 3-gallon Unger Pro Bucket is a great example of this. One of the shelves is a sieve to place your mop onto so it can drain while not in use, while the other snaps onto the bucket, allowing two squeegees to hang securely. The mop's shelf also has a convenient hole in it for storing your strip washer with the handle side down in the bucket when the day is done. Talk about a streamlined setup!

We also maintain a selection of replacement parts for your buckets. If your bucket lid cracks or the handle snaps, we can help you replace it! No need to buy a new bucket. Plus, if you are a standard, round bucket user, we have some upgrade accessories for those too! XERO offers the XERO Bucket Dolly, which is great for those working on hard surfaces that don’t want to lug your bucket around. It also features two locking casters that hold your bucket in place even on steep inclines. XERO also offers a Bucket Buddy, which is a nifty mini bucket that hooks onto the side of your round buckets for an extra compartment for small tools. 

When it comes to window cleaning, the right tools are your allies in achieving stunning results. Shop our vast selection of premium window cleaning buckets, bucket-on-a-belt systems, and bucket accessories. From enhancing your efficiency and organization to elevating your performance, is your partner in making sure you have the right tools to get the job done.