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About the Moerman Drywalker Flex

The Moerman Drywalker Flex will keep your legs dry while you clean windows. Don't let your performance suffer due to water sloshing out of your Bucket on a Belt and onto your pants. Expertly organize your tools with this adaptable BoaB combining practicality and elegance.

The Drywalker Flex is modular and waterproof. Keep your squeegees and applicators easily accessible on your hip. Made of highly abrasion-resistant and lightweight materials. This design is made to be highly maneuverable, so bending and kneeling aren't an issue. Set up your Drywalker to be either a double squeegee holder or a squeegee holder with a bucket.

The complete set includes the Drywalker Flex Base, add-on bucket, and add-on squeegee holder. The bucket section enables you to hold an applicator and two squeegees when it's attached to the base section, while the squeegee holder lets you maximize your squeegee selection to carry four at once. The drip catcher is a compartmentalized reservoir that allows you to check the water level visually without having to detach it. The easy slide-locking system makes it easy to switch between the bucket and squeegee holder for the day. The male clip loops over your belt and snaps into the top of the DryWalker base unit.

Pick up the Base Unit if you want to utilize both the mop holder and squeegee holder that come with the complete set or if you need a replacement. The base unit includes the back piece with room for two squeegees, the reservoir, and belt attachment. The Base Unit is not a BoaB in itself and is just an add-on/replacement piece.

The Moerman Drywalker Flex fits most squeegees and scrubbers on the market. Why keep cleaning with soggy pants when there's a better way!

*Does not include window washer, squeegee, or belt

*Base unit is not a complete Bucket on a Belt and no longer detaches from the blue reservoir 


  • Innovative Modular Design
  • Lightweight and Abrasion Resistant Materials
  • Bend and Kneel Without Issue
  • Adaptable Configuration for 4 Squeegees or 2 Squeegees and an Applicator
  • Drip Catching Reservoir to Keep You Dry
25962 25963
Manufacturer Part Number25962

Questions & Answers

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  • What size is the belt loop

    The belt loop is 3" long from the top to the buckle

  • Are you supposed to take out the bottom allen screw to release the blue bucket part? Mine has 3 attachment points (2 rivets and 1 allen screw) on the back side of the removable blue bucket part. The allen screw locks the bucket to the sheathing part so I see no other option.

    There is a square thumb tab/button on the back of the blue bucket that releases it from the BOAB. This VIDEO demonstrates this around the 1:40 mark.

  • Will Sorbo channels fit

    Great choice in squeegee! Sörbo channels/Squeeges fit comfortably in the Moerman Drywalker Flex -- We double checked for you!

  • What are the dimensions for this, please? Length total and length from top of clip, please... as well as width and depth. Thanks so much... I am short and skinny.. lol!

    At its widest point, width is about 6 1/4" and depth is about 5.5" From top of clip to the bottom it is 16.5"

  • When will these be back in stock?

    We have no target date from Moerman.

  • Any update on when these might be available?

    Moerman is notorious for taking a long time to release their products. They have not given us a definite target date.

  • Is the bottom of the sections that hold the squeegees open or closed?

    We will be in a better position to answer this when we receive shipment of the first order of Drywalkers. Meanwhile, the Aztec Samurai continues to be the #1 plastic BOAB on the market.

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