Belts Holsters and Boabs

Window Cleaning Belts, Holsters and Buckets On A Belt are available in your favorite brands! Whether you need a new belt set up or tools to fill your belt we have you covered! The right belt set up will allow your squeegee channels, washers, and scrapers to all stay within reach. Enjoy Buckets On A Belt (Boabs) from your favorite brands such as Aztec, Pulex, Moerman, Unger, Ettore, Pulex and more. Need help deciding what is for you? Give us a call at 862-266-0677!

Belts are the first thing you must consider when thinking about your belt setup and the tools you carry on hand and while on the job. Belts vary by size and can be adjusted to a person’s waist size. Be sure to read the product description of any belt you purchase for the correct fit. The majority of window cleaning belts available are made of nylon, so they are long-lasting and durable. They usually also include a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. The belt's number of loops will vary from 1-3, depending on the brand. These loops are used to hold your squeegees, towels, cloths, or any other tools needed. If you are looking for an exceptionally high-quality belt, take a look at the Maykker Trident Belt. We carry belts from Ettore, Maykker, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo, Unger, and more! Once you decide on your belt, the next step is to add your tools. You can shop for your BOAB, or bucket on a belt, holsters, pouches, and much more right here at WCR! Below we will go more in-depth about the accessories to fit onto your belt!

Bucket On A Belts

A Bucket On A Belt (BOAB) allows you to keep your tools organized and at your side for easy access on the job. It also cuts down on having to climb up and down a ladder which will make your job quicker and more efficient, and who doesn't love that?! Buckets on a belt are great for holding different squeegees as well as scrapers, liquids, and other tools.

We carry BOABs from top brands such as Maykker, Moerman, Unger, Ettore, Pulex, and Aztec. Choose from detachable or fixed models. Certain designs can also attach to belt holsters with a quick-release lock. Ultimately though, different brands of buckets on a belt hold different configurations of tools, so make sure you do your research before purchasing. Most BOABs are designed with one large main slot to hold your t-bar and sleeves and a few smaller slots for your squeegees and other accessories. A good rule of thumb is if you are particularly loyal to one brand and have an abundance of their tools, consider buying that brand’s bucket on a belt, as they are designed to accommodate those tools.

An important thing to consider is the way your bucket attaches to your belt. There are a few different clip styles when it comes to buckets on a belt and most popular versions will fit into one of these categories:

Detachable Clip - the male end of the clip will remain on your belt, while the female end of the clip (as well as the bucket itself) can be removed. This benefits window cleaners who want to remove their boab quickly and easily while leaving their tool belt in place. These typically hang lower on your leg. An example of this style would be the Ettore SideKick Holster (Detachable), the Moerman Drywalker Flex or the very popular Aztec Samurai.

Semi-Detachable Clip - The main difference between this style and the detachable clip we referenced above is that both the ends of the clip will stay attached to the bucket when you remove it from your belt. Some window cleaners prefer this so that both clips stay attached and they can't get lost. Taking the entire clip off of the tool belt can also make room for other tools. An example of this would be the Unger Classic Bucket on a Belt or the Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt.

Slide on With Detachable Clip - Looking to keep your bucket on a belt higher on your leg? Check out this style! This bucket on a belt has a unique clip-on belt system that is unique to the Moerman Bucket on a Belt. Easily slide your bucket on and off your belt with this option as well as detach the hip bucket while leaving the clip on the belt.

Fixed Clip - This hip bucket (as the name suggests) is completely fixed onto your tool belt. It consists of a nylon loop that can only be removed by sliding on and off the loop from the tool belt itself. An example of this style BOAB is the Pulex Tubex Holster (Loop) or the Ettore SideKick Holster with Non-Detachable Clip.

Our Favorite
Bucket On A Belts

We have so many versatile buckets on a belts, also known as BOABs, available for professional window cleaners. Let's check out some of the most popular choices:

If you are looking for a lifetime option, a BOAB that will last in the business as long as you do, the top two choices are the Maykker Silencer 2. or Grackle. These options are at the top of the food chain for window cleaners! Made with military-grade materials and nearly impenetrable, waterproof, and comfortable. With a lay-flat design, this tool will not bounce around on your leg or splash out the liquid you need it to hold. Plus it is super roomy for a multitude of tools!

You will also want to check out the very popular Aztec Samurai BOAB, made by window cleaners for window cleaners. Detachable, adjustable, and awesome! It's wider than the other traditional boabs on the market and includes special inserts which means it will comfortably hold a larger combination tools as well as your standard channels, T-Bars and Scrubbers! It includes different inserts so you can set it up however is most efficient for you. The Samurai also comes with the Samurai Buckle which can be configured to let it swivel, or stay stationary. Customers also like that it stays nice and high on your belt and keeps your leg dry. No more wet leg! It also comes in a variety of colors including black, green, red, white, purple, blue and pink. Match your company colors if you prefer!

Unger, as always, also has great options for window cleaners looking for a bucket on a belt. The Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt is very popular. If you are partial to Unger tools, this will fit your Unger Ninja accessories like a glove. It will also fit other brand squeegees, of course. This option will hold two squeegees, one washer and one scraper. It can be easily attached to any belt with the quick release lock. Unger's other option is the Unger Classic Bucket on a Belt, designed for right-handed window cleaners. This will hold one standard, non-wide body squeegee, up to an 18-Inch t-bar and a 1.5-inch scraper.

If you are partial to Moerman tools, check out the new Moerman Drywalker Flex. This modular bucket on a belt from Moerman lets you customize your set up completely. Set it up to be either a double squeegee holder or a squeegee holder with a bucket. It is lightweight and made of abrasion-resistant materials. It can hold four squeegees or two squeegees and an applicator but will fit most squeegees and scrubbers on the market. It also includes a drip catching reservoir to help in keeping you dry. They also offer their traditional Moerman Bucket on a Belt. It holds up to two squeegees and one washer securely.

Finally, the Pulex Tubex Holster with Detachable Clip is also a popular choice among window cleaners with many good reviews. It holds three squeegees as well as your strip washer. This model also has a detachable clip for easy removal. If you want a standard bucket on a belt with no frills, this is a great option.

Holsters, Pouches, Towel Holders And More!

Shopping for the right window cleaning holster or even another specialty accessory? The choice of holster material is a personal preference. Holsters come in leather or nylon generally. Holsters are great for holding your squeegees. If you are looking at keeping a few of your favorite squeegees at your side and on your belt, take a look at the Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster, Sörbo Dual Holster or the Unger Leather Holster. When browsing, consider how the holster will attach to your belt too. Keep in mind that some holsters are specially designed to fit scrapers like the Sörbo Scraper Holster or the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Holster. Decide what is most important to have at your side when you are on the job.

There are also a lot of pouches that are popular among window cleaners as well. These are useful for carrying towels, clothes, scrapers and other small tools. The number of compartments will vary depending on the specific pouch. Popular options include the Unger ErgoTec Pouch and Ettore Scraper Pouch. Other options, such as the Sörbo Steel Wool Holster are specially designed to keep your steel wool dry. This also protects your clothes from rust stains. This particular option will also fit a small razor scraper. If you are partial to the Moerman brand of products, check out the Moerman Side-Kit. This large and versatile pouch includes three main compartments as well as a magnetic pouch and a bottom holder. Moerman's Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Detergent will fit perfectly in the slide slot.

Finally, a towel holder might be beneficial to put on your belt as well. If you aren't a fan of towel rings check out the Hip Clip Towel Holder or the Viper Towel Holder. Carry detailing towels and rags keeping them conveniently and securely at your side. These are both small and lightweight options and great additions to any window cleaner's tool belt. It's easy to quickly grab your towel from one of the clips. This eliminates having to climb up and down the ladder to grab your towel.

We carry all of the best window cleaning holsters, pouches, towel holders and more! Call us at 862-266-0677!