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Regular price $51.44 USD
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About the Aztec Samurai BOAB

It's time to upgrade from buckets on a belt that leave your pants soaking wet or don't fit your larger specialty tools. You need the Samurai BOAB.

Detachable, adjustable, and awesome. It's wider than other traditional Bucket On a Belt designs. Comfortably holds larger combination tools as well as your standard channels, T-Bars and Scrubbers. This innovative design allows you to stay dry while it holds your tools conveniently at your side. Features a quick-release buckle that can be adjusted to different heights to keep large tools lower or small tools right by your belt.

This Bucket on a Belt was designed to contain the large 36-inch Ninja Channel so you can rest assured that your tools will fit. It can also accommodate a 22-inch mop. The unique design allows water to drain from squeegees back into the mop area to keep them from getting overly soapy. There's a useful partition to keep tools separate, so there aren't any issues with them tangling together. The partition can also be removed for easy cleaning. Squeegees can fit handle in or out, and the partition means the rubber shouldn't get knicked.

The Samurai's come with the Samurai Buckle. The Samurai Buckles can be configured to let the BoaB swivel or stay stationary. The clip onto your belt and allow you to quickly detach your BoaB. Perfect for the window cleaner on the go.


  • Comes with the Samurai Buckle
  • Fits up to 36 Inch Ninja Channel
  • Holds up to 22 Inch Mop
  • Keeps squeegees from getting too soapy
  • Doesn't get your legs wet
  • Removable partition for easy cleaning

Questions & Answers

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  • I currently use a Pulex bucket which holds a mop and three squeegees, which I love, the issue is, being hard plastic I find that over time my squeegee rubber develops a small nick where it rides on the edge of the bucket. I'm looking for a holster/bucket that has soft edges, which it sounds like this one does, but it's unclear how many squeegees it can hold. Can anyone speak to that??? Also can anyone confirm if this does indeed have soft edges?

    The Aztec Samurai BOAB is designed to comfortably hold 1 squeegees and 1 mop (maybe 2). The design of the edges are rounded, not necessarily "soft," but is designed to keep your rubber safe from nicks. If you are looking for a truly soft option, consider the Moerman Drywalker Flex.

  • So Jordie, I'm assuming that I'll have to go throu the company to get the insert then, is that correct? Is there another way to get that insert? I've loved this bucket but when the wagtail insert broke it's just collected dust for 8 months. I should of got on it and requested a new insert probably because it happened a out a month after buying it but was so busy I just went back to my sidekick by Ettore and my Mormen bucket due to not being a major concern. Now, I'm all Waigail and

    Answer to this question has been addressed via email. All lengthy inquiries can be made via email to any of our Product Specialists or on the live chat box Sun-Thu 8am-11pm and Fri 8am-5pm.

  • So who sells them or is there a warranty that your aware off? Thanks Jordie.

    We offer them on our site, and the manufacturer will cover any issues you have with quality.

  • Do you sell the inserts, my wagtail insert tabs broke and want to start using it again. Worked well when I bought it last year. Thanks.

    Yes we do. Search "Samurai" and you'll see the thumbnail.

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