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what do professionals use to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners use many different types of tools to get their jobs done, but a window cleaning squeegee is arguably one of the most important tools for some! Whether you are tackling residential, storefront, or commercial jobs, you will find the squeegee to be the most practical tool in your arsenal. In addition to window cleaning squeegees, we carry squeegee rubber, handles, channels, specialty squeegees, squeegee accessories, and more!

Our complete squeegees include a handle, channel, and one blade of rubber. We offer many different squeegee options, so you can be sure to find something you will love working with! All of our window cleaning squeegees can be used by hand or attached to an extension pole to clean areas just out of reach.  If you are looking for a combination tool to save even more time, be sure to check out our complete selection full of specialty squeegees.

Is squeegee rubber important?

One of the most important parts of your window cleaning squeegee is squeegee rubber.  We have rubber available from your favorite brands, including Ettore, BlackDiamond, Unger, Pulex, Moerman, Sorbo, Wagtail, and Facelift. Squeegee rubber is typically offered in multiple buying options such as a single blade, 12 pack, ½ gross, or full gross. A gross is offered in most squeegee rubber brands and is a unit of measurement; it’s equivalent to 144 rubber blades. Choosing a squeegee rubber is mostly about personal preference, results will not differ too much from brand to brand. Find what works best for you! 

Remember that most squeegee rubber brands that utilize a standard, round shape are interchangeable. If you aren’t sure, double-check. All of our handles, channels, and rubber includes a compatibility chart if you are mixing brands. The exception to this rule is Sorbo rubber and channels. If you prefer Sorbo channels, you can pair that with Sorbo Rubber, Ettore Soren Rubber, or BlackDIamond Flat Top Rubber.

What kind of squeegee rubber do i need?

Window cleaning squeegee rubber generally comes in hard, medium, or soft variations for different weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is that soft rubber is good for cooler weather, and hard rubber is better for hot weather. Many customers prefer to use soft year-round since it breaks in so quickly. Soft rubber is more commonly sold, but again, it depends on where you live and your general climate. We’ve found that, generally, hard rubber will last longer than soft rubber, but it will also require more pressure on the glass.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your rubber and its performance to get a better feel of when you need to change it. While there is no standard time for changing out your rubber, it’s good practice to change them often. Some change their rubber daily, as needed, or when they start to notice streaking. Regardless, squeegee rubber should provide a smooth, streak-free finish. It’s also important to store your rubber correctly, it will help it last longer. Keep it out of direct sunlight and high heat. It’s also a good idea to store it in a cool, dry place. Ettore’s squeegee rubber, for example, comes standard in a UV-resistant plastic case which is perfect for storage.

what kind of handle should I use?

We also carry the most popular squeegee handles, including Ettore, Unger, Moerman Sorbo, Pulex, and more! Individual squeegee handles are unique; each comes in various angles, grips, swivels, locking and non-locking positions, etc.  While it’s good to have a standard stationary handle since they are durable and long-lasting, consider adding a pivoting or adjustable handle to your arsenal. As the name suggests, a handle with a pivoting feature allows the squeegee channel to pivot left to right, which comes in handy for different jobs, especially uniquely shaped glass or windows. 

Most handles will utilize screws to secure the channel in place, while other handles feature a fast-release lever or button, which allows you to snap a channel in and out quickly. Easy channel swapping is a convenient feature for some handles and can save a lot of time. When choosing a handle, it's important to purchase one that will support the weight and width of the channel you’re pairing it with. Handles will work with either standard or wide-body channels; be sure to double-check compatibility if mixing brands. Handles that work with standard channels are typically paired with lighter and slimmer channels, which can be a bit easier on the hand and wrist. Some handles have a simple, round, tapered handle, and others are designed to be more ergonomic. If you encounter deep-set sills, a handle with a double bend might come in handy, consider having the Companion Tools Ledger Squeegee Handle in your arsenal.
The squeegee handle is going to hold your channel in place. There are a few things to consider when selecting a compatible squeegee channel for your handle. First, consider the material of the channel. Channels can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or plastic. There are also two different types of channels: standard and wide-body. You can also choose between clipped channels, which come with the clips already installed, and clip-less channels. Most come in various sizes so you can have a few on hand to tackle whatever job comes your way.

consider a specialty squeegee

If you are looking for something more than just a complete squeegee, a specialty squeegee might be for you. Specialty squeegees are combination tools that can save you time and effort. Specialty tools are available in popular brands such as Ettore, Moerman, Unger, and Wagtail. These specialty tools are hybrid combinations of standard squeegees, microfiber mops, and other combined features. By using specialty squeegees, you are making full use of two or more window cleaning tools at the price of one. These tools allow you to scrub, flip, and squeegee without having to stop and switch tools. Sounds convenient, right? These combination tools are great by hand but even better on an extension pole for fast window cleaning!

Can I fix my squeegee?

We also offer a variety of squeegee accessories for you to keep your window cleaning squeegee in perfect shape and working like new! You can find replacement clips from your favorite brands that hold your rubber in place. Be sure to also check out the Ronan Multi-Cut Rubber Cutter, which is a great tool to keep handy for cutting your rubber to the perfect length. Among other squeegee accessories, you can find back plates, spring pins, and properly sized bolts so you can repair your favorite window cleaning squeegee instead of completely replacing it if a part breaks. Whatever you need, we have a large inventory of replacement parts ready to ship the same day