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The best Water Fed Pole allows you to focus on the quality of cleaning and keep your work efficient and free from equipment hassles. Our selection of water fed poles combine best in industry designs with high-quality materials, for a water fed pole that ensures you perform your best and tackle even the most challenging glass.

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Are you looking for a compact water fed pole for residential work? The XERO Micro Series would be an excellent fit. Maybe you are looking for a high reach pole that is best suited for commercial work? If so, the XERO Pro Series would be your best fit. Don't forget that you can add length to any existing waterfed pole by using a XERO Universal Extension. In addition, we also carry a variety of Water Fed Packages. We highly suggest taking a look at them as they contain everything you need to start cleaning.

Choosing Your Water Fed Pole

Choosing the right water fed pole depends on a few key factors.

Consider the height you need to reach and the material that will best suit your needs. Also, note what types of jobs you will be doing. Knowing this information will help you choose the best water fed pole for your needs. Cost, durability, and weight are a few of the most popular concerns to customers. Water fed poles can extend up to various heights depending on the pole you use and what your needs are. Some models also offer extensions to their poles. Extensions add even more length to your pole without compromising rigidity. Extensions and upgrades allow you to grow and expand your business when you're ready.

There are so many benefits to using water fed poles. Safety is the main factor in many companies making the switch over to water fed cleaning. Clean windows up to 90 feet high with the operator’s feet planted safely on the ground. Crews can easily cut their job time in half while still creating flawless, streak results.

Most window cleaners will have several poles of varying lengths and different brush-bristle combinations. The professional window cleaners choice and our #1 recommended material is Carbon Fiber. Carbon fiber is lightweight, stiff, and safe for daily use. We carry a wide array of Carbon Fiber poles for you to choose from.

How do Water fed Poles work?

Every waterfed pole has to be connected to a pure water system, whether it's DI only or a multi-stage system. These systems produce pure water that is then delivered to the glass via the hosing in your water fed pole. Poles are fitted with a brush to deliver water to the glass to rinse away the agitated dirt and grime. This set up works because purified water (water with no mineral content) leaves glass streak-free when it dries.

There are a few documented benefits to using water fed pole technology. Speed, safety, and flexibility are among the top benefits. A Water Fed Pole system can cut down on job time without sacrificing quality. The user can clean both windows and frames at the same time. Safety is also a huge benefit. Water fed pole technology allows the user to operate from the ground. There is no need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts which can reduce safety risks for you or your staff. Finally, water fed poles provide flexibility and unlimited growth potential. As your company grows, you can upgrade as needed.

Pure water systems and other waterfed accessories are also available from WCR. Choose from DI tanks or multi stage systems powered by tap pressure, battery, or electric pumps. You can choose from various accessories like water fed brushes and TDS meters. We also carry goosenecks, adapters, hose reels, quick connects, shut off valves and more! Replacement filters and housings for all systems are in stock and ready to ship.

For more information feel free to give us a call or live chat with any of our knowledgeable specialists. We can suggest a water fed pole based on your company's needs that are also within your budget. Call 862-266-0677.

XERO Water Fed Poles

For the discerning window cleaning professional, XERO Water Fed Poles stand out as the premium option. Catering to both residential and commercial cleaning needs, our XERO line is diverse, offering a range of choices that align with your budget and specific requirements. Created with the window cleaning expert in mind, our selection includes the XERO Micro Series, XERO Pro Series, XERO Destroyer Series, XERO Delight Pole, XERO SteveOnator Pole, and XERO M9 Water Fed Pole.

When selecting a water fed pole, various factors come into play – the design of the clamps, the pole's stiffness, and its weight. XERO Poles are designed to meet these diverse needs, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every professional. Plus, they're adaptable – with XERO Universal Extensions, you can easily extend your reach for higher cleaning challenges.

Each XERO Pole is shipped free of charge and comes equipped with a hose, clamps, and a brush, providing you with a comprehensive cleaning solution. Experience the difference with XERO – a decision you'll wish you made earlier!

XERO Water Fed Poles are a Top Choice for Window Cleaners

  • XERO Micro Water Fed Poles are available in the XERO Micro Basic (Red) or the XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod (Gold). Every XERO Micro Pole is a TRUE 30-foot pole. These are ideal for residential cleaners. Customers love that these poles are compact and easy to handle.

  • XERO Pro Poles are priced right with high-quality features. The XERO Pro Poles come in the Pro Basic and the Pro Ultra Light High Mod versions. These are the perfect mid-reach poles for commercial work.

  • XERO Destroyer Poles are an excellent choice for any professional window cleaner. These poles were specifically designed for high reach commercial work. Reach up to heights of 90 feet simply by adding extensions to your pole. These are light, rigid and insanely high-quality.

  • XERO Delight Water Fed Poles are known for having the best lightness to stiffness ratio. 9 sections extend out to 47 feet making it perfect for both residential and commercial work. Weighing only 5 lbs, it's easy to maneuver on the glass.

  • XERO SteveOnator Poles were designed by SteveO and his years of knowledge working in the field. This 40 foot pole will get you through your toughest residential and low level commercial gigs.

  • XERO M9 Poles are the most affordable in the lineup. They are great for beginners or when your budget is tight. The six sections extend up to 21 feet so you can easily do residential jobs. It's made of a hybrid material so it's not as light as the carbon fiber poles, but still nice and stiff.

XERO Water Fed poles are the leading choice in the industry for window cleaners. From novice users to seasoned professionals, the XERO line has the right pole for the job. If you need more reassurance on why XERO poles are the best investment for your company check out: Ten+ Reasons to Buy a XERO Pole!

"I can't say enough good things about the XERO line of poles. This is a solidly built pole. Light, rigid, and awesome. Highly recommend!"

Unger Water Fed Poles

Unger Water Fed Poles offer options for both commercial and residential window cleaners. For many years, Unger has been the gold standard in water fed poles. Their nLite series of water fed poles is high quality and extremely well made!

Choose from the Unger nLite Carbon Composite Pole or the Carbon 24K Pole. Each kit includes everything you need to get started: a pole, hose, angle adapter, and rectangular brush. All you need to do is hook it up to your purification system and start cleaning!

Unger poles are a product of German engineering providing many unique ergonomic features for comfort.

  • Unger nLite Carbon Composite Water Fed Poles are the entry level option perfect for new or infrequent users. They are made from a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass that keeps them affordable and stiff. These poles max out at 28 feet making them perfect for residential cleanings.

  • Unger nLite Carbon 24K Water Fed Poles are great if you're a professional user, needing to reach up to 60 feet. These poles are made with premium carbon fiber making them super strong and stable. The longer poles are designed as modular scopic so you can drop some sections if you are working on a low level job.

Unger poles have a unique pear shape that prevent the sections from twisting when they're extended. The included Powerbrush not only allows you to rinse windows with the blasts from the jets, but an additional rinse bar on the top soaks down the glass ensuring a spotless clean. Unger waterfed poles pair well with the Unger HydroPower Systems. The Unger nLite HydroPower is Unger's premium DI system, ideal for those in areas with softer water. Choose between Stage 1 or Stage 3. You can easily change resin quickly while increasing the longevity of it. The HydroPower systems come with resin already installed and a built-in TDS meter.

"My Unger is one heck of a pole. It's light. It's stiff. But, most importantly, the clamps are the best I've EVER seen or flicked. They are so simple to tighten and loosen on the fly, and they don't bunch up or brake the pole as it's coming down. My search for WFP ended when I bought my Unger Nlite. AND, when I need to get another 10' up, I just put the extension on & keep right on cleaning."


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