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Regular price $479.00 USD
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About the XERO M9 Water Fed Pole

Everyone loves a XERO Pole, but maybe you don't have the budget for one of the Pros or Micros. The M9 is a great entry-level option.

The six sections of this pole extend to 21 feet for low-level work. Tackle most residential jobs with ease. It collapses to 53 inches so it's easy to maneuver and store. Made from all hybrid sections, this is a super affordable choice while only sacrificing some savings in weight. The outermost section has an end-defender to help protect the pole when you place it down on the concrete. Durable clamps make it easy to extend out sections while you work. Whether you need the full 21 feet, or something smaller, you'll be good to go.

These poles feature a 12-inch XERO Hybrid brush, 30 feet of hose, and the fittings you'll need to set it up, including the XERO Fast Lock. Very easy to put together and hook up to your pure water system.

Not sure if this pole will be enough? Contact a product specialist to learn about your options.

*Hose Color May Vary

XERO Warranty


  • Super Affordable
  • Only 53" Collapsed
  • Extends to 21'
  • 6 Sections
  • Weighs 3.48 lbs | 55.68 oz | 1580 g
  • Hybrid Material
  • Durable Clamps
  • Includes Hose, Brush, and Fittings
  • Easy to Set Up

Questions & Answers

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  • Does the water fed pole hook into a normal hose?

    This pole hooks up to a water fed system, like the XERO Pure.

  • What does the pole hook up to?

    Hi! This pole hooks up to a water fed system. You can explore systems HERE. You can call us for more information as well at 862-266-0677

  • What’s the psi

    The resulting psi will ultimately depend on which system you choose to feed the XERO M9, however the hose and fittings that come with this pole are safe for up to 100 psi.

  • Hi, what diameter hose comes with this pole? And will i need a quick disconnect? Or anything to attach to another long hose? Thank you

    Hey Rogelio, this pole is equipped with a 5/16" XERO hose, as well as the XERO Premium Quick Connect Push to Fit Set for attaching to your garden hose.

  • Are the bristles on this brush soft and suitable for solar panel cleaning?

    Hi Jaime, yes it is suitable for solar panels.

  • can you add extensions to this pole?

    It is not recommended to use extensions on this pole.

  • I see there's a warranty stamp on the same page as this item. However, it's a hybrid pole. Does the 3-year warranty apply to the M9? Should update and remove if not.

    The XERO Pole Warranty covers all XERO poles so, yes it does apply to the M9.

  • Will this pole works on any pure water systems? Like for example, the Tucker pro-rinse system?


  • Can I use this pole with the Unger nLite Hydro Power System? Or, would I need and accessory to make it compatible?

    Hey there, you absolutely can! Plus, the 5/16 adapter that comes with the M9 plugs right into the output of the system so you do not need to get a different accessory.

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