Hey you, YES you!

You want to learn how to be a window cleaner, right? Don't know where to even begin? It's a good thing you found this page then because these enriched pages that lay before you will teach you everything you need to know about the window cleaning business industry!

This book was originally conceived and written by professional window cleaner, John M. Orsini. His writings have been adapted for the internet and will now serve as a step-by-step guide for you to build the foundation of your own window cleaning career. It’s completely simple to read through, and the best part, it's free for you to access right here on our website! Chapter by chapter, dive headfirst into the technical and business side of window cleaning.

Scroll down to see what you'll be learning in this guide and even check out our handy dandy topic index so anything you need to find is just a click away.


  • Understanding The Process

    Learn a brief history of the

    Window Cleaning Industry

    and the 'Secret' to it.

  • Tools

    Get familiar with

    all the tools you can utilize

    for window cleaning.

  • Squeegee Preparation and Assembly

    Prepare and properly set up your Squeegee.

  • Solution


    Let's mix the

    perfect recipe for your

    window cleaning solution!

  • Preparing The Window For Cleaning

    Prep your windows

    before you wash them..

    it's like a clean before the big clean!

  • Wetting The Glass With The Scrubber

    Learn how to apply

    the solution to the window

    properly using your scrubber.

  • How To Squeegee Windows

    The procedure of using

    the squeegee on

    different window types.

  • Cleaning

    French Windows,

    Mirrors, Tempered Glass,

    and Solar Filmed.

  • Extension Poles

    A nifty helper

    to assist you with

    some window cleaning.

  • Stain and Spot Removal

    Handle the tougher spots

    on a window with some

    heavy-duty assistance.

  • Prospecting For Customers

    Who will hire me?

    When do I prospect?

    Where do I prospect?

  • Estimating Jobs, Scheduling, and Bookkeeping

    Time to price the job, keep yourself

    on track, and log your financials.

  • Add-On Services

    Add on some services

    in addition to your

    core services.

  • Troubleshooting

    What if things

    don't go your way

    the first time around?

  • Industry Resources

    Expand your knowledge

    of the Window

    Cleaning Industry!