Chapter 13

Add-On Services

Add On Services are just as important as your core services. They are additional ways to make money and make your business more profitable and versatile.

Gutter Cleaning

In the off-season, Gutter cleaning is a good add-on business to have.

You just have to get the fall cleaning done by the end of November. December is marginal when it comes to gutter cleaning in northern areas, because of the wet debris freezing in the gutter. Offer gutter cleaning at the same time you offer window cleaning. Check the types of trees around the house and the closeness to the house.

Screen Care

All screens will get dirty; some more than others. It depends on the location and how often the window is open. The screens usually have a buildup of dust, dirt, spider webs, dead bugs, pollen, and bird droppings.

Some screens may only need a quick brushing on both sides to get them clean. Others may require extra work.

If you have allergies, screen cleaning will stir up the dust and pollen. The concentration of the dust and pollen may cause an allergic reaction. In this case, wash the screens, rather than brush them. 

Do not stand screens on their corners as you clean them. The corner supports can easily break. Set the screen frame squarely on a level surface such as a deck or cement walk during the cleaning process.  

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is another add-on business that can complement window cleaning.

Small, cold water, pressure washers are available for about $500. Hot water pressure washers can cost $5000 or more. Pressure washing rates are in the area of $60+ per hour. You need good physical strength and have to have excellent skills on a ladder. 

Maintenance of equipment is most important. Pumps fail, hoses get leaks, nozzles wear out. There is a lot more to pressure washing than meets the eye. It takes great skill. There are some pressure washing equipment suppliers that have training sessions to learn to use the equipment.  

It is very easy to cause damage with the high-pressure spray. Paint can be blown off the house. Water can get inside storm windows. Water can also get in where the caulking has dried out and cracked or fallen away.