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About BlackDiamond Rubber

BlackDiamond has quickly become one of the most popular choices of rubber among professionals thanks to the company’s founder, Casper Schjorring of Denmark. BlackDiamond has been growing every month since it launched, and is currently sold in over 15 countries, with plans to continue global expansion. Additionally, Casper continues to look for ways to improve his product and processes.

One process unique to BlackDiamond is the double molded squeegee rubber, which involves molding two pieces of rubber together in order to protect the sharp edge of the squeegee rubber and to protect the edges from damage prior to use. BlackDiamond also developed a method for controlling a perfectly straight edge.

BlackDiamond manufactures both soft and medium squeegee channel rubber in the Round-Top design, and is available in various sizes, from 12 to 40 inches. You have your choice of round top or flat top squeegee rubber. BlackDiamond also introduced their premium "Red Ruby" squeegee rubber which is not currently available right now but may return at some point. This unique replacement rubber is available in Round Top Medium variations in standard sizes.

Window Cleaning Resource carries a full selection of BlackDiamond window cleaning rubber available for purchase.

Real Customer Reviews:

"The BlackDiamond rubber is unmatched! I was using the facelift red razor for a while and it was good. It had a long life and super durable. But I found it linked really badly, and didn't always do the best job of removing the water from the windows. It was sticky and hard to maneuver during pole work. The BlackDiamond rubber fixes all those issues. It's super smooth has a decent lifetime, durable, and glides across the glass like no other. I'm actually finishing route jobs faster as I'm not spending as much time touching up and I can move faster while squeegeeing! 10/10 would always recommend!"

"Good rubber, good price. I have used a couple of different rubbers, and I always come back to this one. My biggest concern with rubber is how quickly the tips tear. I do trim the tips, but the more you trim them, the more finishing you have to do. BlackDiamond rubber has pretty good longevity. "

"I'm overall very impressed with this product. It does as it claims; has a very sharp edge and works very well with very little pressure."

"I've used this rubber for the last 4-5 years, and this is the best, most inexpensive rubber out there! If you haven't tried BD rubber, do yourself a favor and try it."

"It’s a great rubber for any channel, easy to customize and good for every temperature I’ve used it in."


Make it BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber

BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber is available in black replacement blades as well as three different variations:

• Round Top Soft Rubber (Black)• Round Top Medium Rubber (Black)• Flat Top Rubber (Black)


BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber is known for its durability making it a favorite because of these benefits:

✓ Available in both medium and soft variations
✓ Available in round top and flat top
✓ Buy single blades, 12 packs, 1/2 Gross or Gross
✓ Long-lasting
✓ Great for daily, regular use
✓ High-Quality Squeegee Rubber
✓ Affordable and Economical
✓ Quality Checked
✓ Options for all temperatures

Product Name Fits Best For Available In
Round Top Soft - Black All Channels Moderate to Cooler Temps 12" - 40"
Round Top Medium - Black All Channels Warmer Weather 12" - 40"
Flat Top Soft - Black Sorbo Channels Moderate to Cooler Temps 12" - 37"
Flat Top Medium - Black Sorbo Channels Warmer Weather 12" - 37"