Single Stage Systems


*Ground shipments to the continental US.

If you have a lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and work in areas with softer water, are a solo operator or are only planning on using your new set up infrequently a single-stage system might be for you! You can start by checking your TDS and plugging in a few zip codes to see what your average TDS is where you work. A general rule of thumb is if your TDS is under 100, a simple DI tank based system will be most cost efficient for you. Certain areas of the country, South Carolina, for example, have very soft water which results in much lower TDS readings. A multi-stage unit would simply be overkill in this scenario. We carry a variety of single-stage systems including standard DI tanks as well as single-stage systems from Unger, Tucker, IPC Eagle and more! If you have hard water (over 100) or plan to use your system daily, check out our selection of Multi-Stage Systems.