DI Resin (Deionization Resin)

Which resin is best for me, XERO Virgin Resin or XERO DI Resin?

You won't find a huge difference between the two options. Both allow you to buy in bulk to save, and if you're working with a multi-stage system like the XERO Pure, you'll barely notice a difference. But head to head the Virgin Resin will last a little longer in a standard DI Tank. The Virgin Resin is brand new and has never been used so therefore it is a little more expensive. XERO DI Resin is once washed and the more affordable choice. It was used at some point before and then regenerated to be used again with only a slight loss to efficiency.


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Window Cleaning Resource carries DI tanks and replacement DI resin which is essential in creating pure water for waterfed window cleaning. DI resin can be used as a standalone filtration system or it can also be used as the final step in a multistage purification system, such as any of the XERO Pure Water Systems for example. Your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) plays a huge parts in determining how long your resin will last. If you have a higher TDS, the lower upfront cost of a DI only system may seem attractive but you have to consider how much faster you will burn through resin. A Multi Stage System costs a lot more up front but you will be changing the DI resin much less frequently and it will cost less. Bottom line: if you have a higher TDS the multi-stage system is a much better investment in the long term. However, if you have soft water or are an infrequent user, a standard DI tank, or other Single Stage System may be a suitable option.