OVA8 Water Fed Poles

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Tired of pole sections spinning while you work? The OVA8 Waterfed Pole Series might be for you! We have two pole options available: the OVA8 Pro Basic and the Elite! These models utilize an oval profile to stop sections from rotating. These poles are made of strong high mod Carbon Fiber, a step up from standard Carbon Fiber, for a fantastic balance of rigidity and strength. Invest in these unique poles that come with many benefits. Hook up the hose to your purification system and get to work!

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*Ground shipments to the continental US.

Our selection of OVA8 poles are revolutionary as they feature oval-shaped poles instead of traditional round poles. Why does that matter? Well, this cuts down on pole sections spinning while you work. Each section is oval shaped. There are two waterfed pole options available in the OVA8 line: the OVA8 Pro Basic and the OVA9 Pro Elite. These poles are made of strong Carbon Fiber, the Elite model is even made from High-End High Modulus Carbon Fiber for added rigidity and durability. They are great for daily use. Need just a little more reach? The OVA8 Plus fits on your OVA8 Pro and Elite poles and adds ten more feet! Be sure to also browse our complete selection of Waterfed Poles or Purification Systems as well.