Towels, Sponges, Abrasives

Window Cleaning towels, sponges, and abrasives are essential tools for any professional. Quality window cleaning towels are both absorbent and durable. Choose from chamois, surgical towels, huck towels, scrims, and microwipes. Abrasives are specialty scrubbers that remove stubborn dirt and stains without scratching glass surfaces. Abrasives include steel and bronze wool, magic erasers, and various scrubbing pads and holders. Window Cleaning Resource carries different types of seas sponges. Natural and synthetic sponges are also available. Holsters and belts are also available.

Window cleaning towels, sponges, and abrasives are essential tools for the professional window cleaner. Whether you need a detailing towel, a sponge for frames and wiping out tracks or an abrasive for some extra scrubbing power, we can get you everything you need to get the job done! 

We offer a wide variety of window cleaning towels. Choose between huck towels, microfiber, scrim or chamois. Each has a place in your arsenal. A great towel will have multiple uses such as detailing, polishing, cleaning frames and wiping away excess water on sills.

Tired of thin, low-quality and inconsistent huck towels you get with most suppliers? Huck towels, like our popular Ultra Premium Recycled Surgical Towels, are a practical and popular towel choice for professional window cleaners and we supply the best. We offer the super thick, absorbent hucks. In fact, we pre sort through these hucks before we ship them out to you so there are no holes, frays, blemishes or things like that. They are made from a 100% cotton material, so they are super absorbent and great for a variety of glass and other surfaces.

We also have a wide selection of microfiber towels. Popular options include the waffle-weave Squeegee Life Towel or the XERO Fish Scale Towel. A good microfiber towel is going to detail, polish and clean up and streaks, spots or residue. You want a towel that is very absorbent but able to dry quickly to cut down on the amount you use per day. The longer it lasts, the better. While you can use it by hand of course, another option is to use these on your extension pole. Simply wrap it around your squeegee and detail windows with it. The Unger Ninja MicroWipe, for example, has built in corner pockets that can be used to sleeve over an extension pole for high-reach detailing.

Window Cleaning Sponges offer an absorbent nature which allows them to hold and distribute cleaning solutions evenly, ensuring thorough coverage of whatever type of glass you’re working with. These are an incredibly useful item to keep on hand. Our sea sponges are a natural product from the sea and will outlast synthetic sponges.

Natural sponges, like the XERO Natural Sea Wool Sponge, are great for frames,  tracks and sills. They mold to whatever shape you set it against and hold a tremendous amount of water. These work great for wiping out tracks and you can always cut it down to a smaller size if you need to. Need to sop up some extra water? Use a sponge and save your towels. Sponges can also help prevent drips, clean your squeegee off and in general, just another versatile tool to always have on your tool belt.

Sea sponges are incredibly absorbent. They’re actually more absorbent than other synthetic options. Their natural porosity enables them to soak up water and cleaning solutions efficiently, making them a top choice for professionals seeking a hassle free clean. The makeup of these natural sponged makes them an excellent choice for scrubbing, as they are quite flexible and work well for nooks and crannies, like window tracks. For an even more thorough cleaning of window tracks, you might want to consider the WCR Track Brush.

No matter which type of sponge you choose, proper care is essential to extend its lifespan. Make sure to rinse your sponge thoroughly after each use and allow it to air dry to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. 

When it comes to window cleaning abrasives, you want something that is aggressive enough to clean but not scratch glass. Stubborn stains, whether from dirt, dried bird droppings, or even hard water stains, can pose a significant challenge requiring some serious elbow grease. We carry white scrub pads, walnut pads, steel wool and so much more!  You can also shop our line of Abrasive Holders for a complete setup.

We can’t talk about abrasives and not mention the fact that we always recommend professionals use a Scratch Waiver in case of scratched glass. That's where the right abrasives make all the difference. While on the topic of scratched glass, consider reading this page on Fabricating Debris. In fact, improper cleaning techniques or construction debris can cause windows to scratch. Sometimes scratched glass is actually the result of poorly manufactured glass itself. You need to be aware of the risk involved in cleaning certain types of glass. Protect yourself from being held liable for damage caused by the glass manufacturer’s end product, not the window cleaning process.

We offer abrasives from XERO, Unger, JFlint, Maykker, and World Enterprises! Explore our range of options, including XERO white scrub pads, XERO walnut scrub pads, steel wool, and more. These abrasives are designed to effectively remove even the most stubborn stains while being gentle enough not to harm your glass surfaces. If you’re tackling hard water stains, many of our scrub pad options are great for applying stain removal products. Best part is, it won't scratch glass! If you’d like to learn more, be sure to read our Hard Water Stain Removal Guide.

To make the most of your abrasives, don't forget to check out our abrasive holders if you need a complete setup.  One of the most popular abrasive kits we offer is SteveO’s Techno Pad Kit, which is made up of an IPC Eagle TechnoPad Handle and your choice of XERO White, or Walnut Pads. The IPC Eagle TechnoPad Handle can be used by hand or attached to the end of an extension pole to really scrub every inch of glass with incredible mobility. These have gained massive popularity among cleaners in the last few years. 

For waterfed users, we also offer the XERO Contact Scrubber and the XERO Big Scrubber which maintain full contact with the glass for a thorough scrub. Both of these options can be upfitted with the XERO Fast-Lock system so you can swap between your favorite waterfed accessories with quick ease. These accessories will provide some extra aggressive scrubbing power when a waterfed brush just won’t cut it. The XERO Big Scrubber is an excellent choice for hydrophobic and commercial glass.

Whether you're a professional window cleaner or a homeowner seeking spotless windows, don't underestimate the power of the right towels, sponges, and abrasives to achieve a perfect finish. Shop our selection of high quality products that will help you get the job done!