Pure Water Systems

Pure Water Systems are an investment and one we don't take lightly. Whether you have soft or hard water, we can suggest a set up for you. Browse our selection of single-stage systems or if you have harder water, you may want to consider looking at our multi-stage systems. Either way, we offer the highest quality systems for water fed window cleaners. If you have any questions, call us at 862-266-0677!

How Does Waterfed window cleaning work?

The goal of every window cleaner is to achieve spot-free glass for their customers. Working with a professional pure water system makes spotless glass and solar panels easier to attain than ever. A good pure water system will be durable, user-friendly, and efficient. Windowcleaner.com offers the leading pure water systems in the industry with brands like XERO, Pure Water Power, and Unger. 

Waterfed cleaning uses pure water, which is water absent of mineral content that can leave streaks behind as it dries. Actual pure water, with a TDS of 0, will give you spot-free results, which eliminates the need to squeegee or use any soaps or chemicals in the process. The pure water system will take water and remove the impurities before it is fed through your waterfed pole and brushed to the glass.   

Our various purification systems feature different stages of filtration to ensure water is "pure" through either DI or RO/DI filtration. We offer the top brands and the highest quality equipment. Shop single-stage, multi-stage, or even truck mount and delivery systems where you don’t have to rely on your customer’s water supply. Replacement filters, parts, and fittings are available for when you need them to keep your system running like new.

How Do you choose a Pure water system?

Choosing the right system for your business needs can feel tricky and overwhelming, but we have experts on staff to help you every step of the way. From figuring out the TDS in your area, to selecting the right system for your business needs, and gearing you with the right waterfed pole, you are taken care of. 

When you purchase a system through WCR, you are also choosing a lifetime of technical support. If you invest in a brand such as XERO, you’ll get a 12-year warranty on all XERO systems. Choosing the right waterfed pole and waterfed accessories is equally as important and can also be done with the assistance of one of our product experts. 

When deciding which water-fed system you will need, the first thing you need to do is find out the TDS of your area. Knowing your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) will determine if you need a single-stage or multi-stage system. 

You should also consider what kinds of jobs you’ll be tackling. Will you be doing lower level work such as storefronts or residential? Or do you plan on bidding on larger commercial properties? The answer to this question will be a factor in what purification system as well as what waterfed pole you’ll need as well.

Who are single-stage systems good for?

Waterfed users in low TDS areas (under 150) will find that a single stage system, such as the XERO DI Tank or  Unger HydroPower is more then sufficient for achieving spotless windows. Though it would definitely work, a multi-stage system is much more expensive and simply overkill if you have soft water. Certain areas of the country, South Carolina, for example, have very soft water which results in much lower TDS.

Single stage systems can also work if you plan to use your system infrequently. Maybe you’re part time or just starting your business and want to try it out. These soft water units are generally lightweight, easy-to-use, space-efficient and cost less then multi-stage systems. These systems are typically a single tank filled with DI Resin that filters the impurities from water and directs your flow through your waterfed hose and up your pole. 

One of our most popular single-stage systems is a simple DI Tank. XERO DI Tanks come standard with male garden hose threads in and out, PVC matching head, and filled with virgin resin. If you have lower TDS, this is a great solution to get pure water. It's super easy to change your resin and even easier to transport your DI Tank in and out of your work vehicle.  If you want a complete pure water package, check out the popular XERO DI Package. This package lets you choose your specific XERO pole from the Micro or Pro series. This particular package includes the XERO 1/2 Cubic Foot DI Tank. 

who are multi-stage systems good for?

A higher TDS would be anything over 150 and will require a multi stage system. That being said, our most popular multi-stage system is our XERO Pure unit. The XERO Pure has been our BEST selling system for over a decade. It's simple to operate, cheap to maintain and works incredibly well. It can handle the hardest of water and is an affordable pure water system for a residential or commercial cleaning business. 

The upgraded XERO Pure MAX is also a great option if you need to run more then one pole. You also likely won’t outgrow this in the future. This unit is upgraded with two side-by-side RO Membranes, giving you greater filtering capacity. The increase in water production means it can easily accommodate a two-person crew. Single users can enjoy the freedom from needing a pump and electricity to get enough pressure to reach the highest windows. 

All of our XERO purification systems are made and manufactured right in the USA so you know they are going to be made with only the highest quality parts. They also come with a 12-year warranty so you know your investment will be protected. We carry a wide variety of other brands as well. Shop multi-stage systems from Pure Water Power, IPC Eagle and Unger as well.

We have a truly excellent line of multi stage systems to choose from when it comes to pure water window cleaning. Multi stage systems are most popular among professional window cleaners because they can handle the hardest of water. They are also perfect for daily use. If your water is on the harder side (TDS of above 100) and you plan to use your system frequently or even daily a multi stage system is going to make the most sense for you!

Why transition to waterfed window cleaning?

Choosing to go with a waterfed system is an overall safer working option. Ladders have long been a necessary but risky tool in the window cleaning industry. Climbing up and down ladders poses safety hazards, and the time-consuming process of repositioning them can lead to inefficiency. Pure water window cleaning offers a ladder-free alternative that enhances safety and streamlines the cleaning process. But safety isn’t the only added benefit of working with pure water. Waterfed cleaning also poses less disturbances to your customers.

There are several other benefits, including being environmentally safer by eliminating harmful chemicals to achieve a spot-free shine. Embracing eco-friendly practices is a great way for window cleaning businesses to differentiate themselves. 

For more information and added benefits of making the switch to waterfed cleaning, check out Ten Reasons To Go Waterfed

Investing in a waterfed system is no small task for any small business, so keep in mind we offer a financing program for window cleaners to help them grow their business faster. When you choose to lease your waterfed equipment, you allow yourself to pay for your waterfed package while it makes money for you, so it can essentially pay for itself. Applying is free and comes with zero risk or obligation if you want to see what you qualify for.