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About the Unger HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage

Forget about lifts and ladders or outsourcing, it's time you start cleaning windows from the safety of the ground with the Unger HydroPower Ultra System.

How does it work?

The HydroPower Ultra DI Pure Water System creates 100% pure water through ion exchange. Tap water is purified of minerals and contaminants, allowing it to dry spot free on the glass without wiping or polishing. This system uses the Ultra Resin Bags that are easy to change and come pre-loaded with premium ultra resin. They produce 30% more pure water than the standard HydroPower resin and systems. The FloWater Technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures an efficient flow of water through the whole tank, which optimizes the resin saturation. The color-coded system and key lock feature allow you to install the resin correctly. Keep track of the water quality with an easy-to-read TDS meter on top of the system that lets you know when the resin needs replacing at the push of a button.

Set-Up and Use

The water connection point has a quick-fit connector for fast setup and a shut-off valve to eliminate drips while in transport. It also has a pre-installed dynamic control for optimal water flow at all times. The system is outfitted with a FastLock quick-fit fastener that makes the tank easy to open and close. It has a safe, self-locking mechanism with a pressure relief valve.

Use your waterfed pole to reach new heights when cleaning windows.


Manufacturer Part NumberUHP01

Questions & Answers

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  • How long does the resin bag last? HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage

    The answer to this question has a lot of factors, mostly dependent on use. For example if you are in a high TDS area, you might burn through a resin bag in a few hours, and this system won't be the best choice for you. However, if you are in a lower TDS area, this system could go a few weeks before you need to replace your resin. A good rule of thumb is to change your resin whenever your TDS readings are consistently creeping over 10. If you need some guidance in choosing a pure water system, don't hesitate to call us with more questions!

  • Does this get rid of hard water stains on windows? I understand it will get out dirt but usually dried up water is very difficult to remove

    Hi! Great question! Using pure water will definitely get rid of hard water stains as purified water essentially sucks up all minerals and grime as you scrub and rinse, leaving a spot-free window as it dries. However depending on your TDS, this system might not be the best choice for your area. The Unger Hydro Power Ultra 1-stage is for softer-water areas, or infrequent users, using this in hard water areas will exhaust your DI Resin very quickly. For more information, check your TDS HERE, or give us a call at 862-266-0677 to speak with a pure water specialist.

  • i need the electronic device that measures usage at the top of the unit...

    Sounds like you need to replace your TDS meter. You can find that part in this listing HERE

  • Will this work with hard water?

    This can product 100 - 350 gallons of purified water from hard water and produce for 2.6 - 9.5 working hours.

  • Can I use this with an electric pressure washer? Hose from house to tank then hose from tank to pressure washer water input?

    This system will not make enough water to supply a pressure washer. It cannot handle the pressure made by a pressure washer. You can use a pressure washer IF you use the HydroPower to produce pure water that will fit a holding tank. The pressure washer MIGHT be able to feed off of the holding tank.

  • Does this come with resin?

    Yes the HydroPower Ultra comes with resin.

  • Is it better to store this full of water, or empty the water before storage?

    It is best to empty the water before storing.

  • What is the volume of the resin?

    You're looking at about 1/3 cuft of resin per bag.

  • How much does the item weigh?

    With water retention, it will weigh about 14 lbs.


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Check out this Production Estimate Chart:

Water Hardness Output in Gallons Working Hours*
Soft< 100 TDS > 500 > 12.8
Medium100 - 250 TDS 350 - 500 9.5 - 12.8
Hard250 - 400 TDS 100 - 350 2.6 - 9.5
Very Hard> 400 TDS < 100 < 2.6

*Working Hours: based on 39 gallons per hour. All values based on TDS of 10 as maximum for Pure Water Quality.