Squeegee Channels


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There are several ways to clean a window. One way is to apply soap on a towel and spread that onto the glass surface. A towel can leave streaks and will not be as effective as other methods at grabbing the dirt and grime that can build up on a window. This is why rubber is popularly used to remove the dirt and other materials that get stuck on windows over time. Aside from the squeegee rubber, the squeegee channel is probably the second most important product a window cleaner can have in their arsenal. Trust us, you'll need it and get daily use out of it! 

The channel, which is typically a metal piece, holds the rubber "blade" in place for it to be used properly to clean windows. This is called traditional window cleaning! It's the same concept of your wiper blades removing water from the windshield of your vehicle. The only difference is that it attaches to either a squeegee handle or extension pole that you control. 

Channels come in many different styles, sizes, and materials. We offer a wide variety of brands, but understanding which channel is right for you is important when it comes to getting the best results and cleanest windows. No matter what you decide on, every single channel we sell includes a piece of rubber, so you'll be ready to get cleaning ASAP!

Selecting A Channel

There are a few things to consider when selecting a channel. You'll want to take into account the material of the channel. Channels can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and plastic. Some of the more lightweight options include plastic and aluminum. If you already have a squeegee handle, you may want to pair it with a channel made of the same material. For example, if you have a stainless steel handle, you may want to pair it with a stainless steel channel, but this is up to personal preference. 

Heavier channels like brass and stainless steel are great for applying more pressure to windows. Some of the wider channel options are made of these materials work great with extension poles! Ultimately, it is really up to personal preference and as long as you are able to snap the channel into the handle, you will be good to go!

When it comes to choosing the right size channel, window cleaners will typically choose sizes ranging from 12 to 18 inches due to the size of most windows. However, you will likely come across window styles where you are unable to fit a channel of those sizes. We offer a range of sizes from 5-inch all the way to 72-inch channels, so you will definitely find a size that will suit your needs. Larger channels are typically used when working commercial job sites, while smaller ones can be used for either commercial or residential.

Choosing from the many different styles of channels offered will depend on the type of handle you have. You want to make sure that what you have will be compatible with the selection you are making. For the most part, if you have a brand of handle that you like, you can match a channel of the same brand and you will have no problem.

Standard vs. Wide-body channels

There are two different types of channels - standard and wide-body. Standard channels are typically smaller in length slimmer in width, and lighter. Wide-body channels are wider, longer, and heavier. These channels only work with handles that can support their width and weight. Choosing which type to work with is a personal preference. Some like to have a lightweight setup in hand, but when slotting your squeegee into an extension pole, you may want to consider a wide-body channel that will help with stability. Some standard channels include the Ettore Aluminum channel and the Unger S Plus channel. As far as wide-body channels, the Ettore Super channel and the Sörbo Black Mamba channel are a few great options!

Note: Channels will be compatible with only certain types of rubber 

Channels will accept soft, medium, and hard rubber. This is dependent on the climate of your area. If you are checking out our BlackDiamond Rubber, we offer two types - round top and flat top. Typically all standard channels will fit the round top style of rubber, while a lot of the wide-body channels take flat top, like certain Sorbo channels. For more of an explanation on this, you can consult our page breaking down squeegee rubber types toward the bottom.

Channels with clips vs. channels without clips

Most channels use clips that go inside the channel. They're placed in between the rubber and the channel to hold the rubber snuggly in place. Most clips are either brass or plastic and can be changed. You’ll find that, of the channels that have clips, larger ones will have two at each end and the smaller ones will typically have one. Clips are easy to change and will easily slot in when you change your rubber. Some channels, like Sorbo, use plugs instead of clips, which attach to either side of a channel and serve the same purpose. These plugs have the added benefit of helping prevent scuffs and scratches on window frames. A few examples of channels with plugs are the Sörbo Cobra and the Sörbo Eliminator. If you are having trouble changing these, we have a video that illustrates the difference between types and will show you how to install them back onto the channel when you need to change the rubber again.

Use & Techniques

When using channels, you want to make sure you are using proper techniques to correctly clean the soap from windows. Fanning is a method that forces the solution down to keep it from getting under the rubber. You can see examples of this technique on our YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that squeegee rubber should be changed often when undergoing daily use. Otherwise, you will not see adequate results due to worn out and dirt filled rubber. This is up to the preference of the window cleaner and also how often the rubber is getting used. You can find a wide variety of squeegee rubber here. They're available in singles, packs, half grosses, and grosses. You will get far more use out of a channel than you will the rubber, some channels can last you years!

We are here to help!

For all the situations you can come across while on a job, there will be a channel out there that is up to the task. Whether you are working with small windows at a residential job or taking on larger windows at a commercial site, we have the channel for you! We offer all types of channels in many brands, sizes, types, and materials. You can choose to match the channel you want with a handle or pick from any of the ones available that are compatible. We also have complete squeegees available, which take the guesswork out of the equation if you’re unsure of which pairing you’ll need. On every product page of either a handle or channel, we list every compatible piece that will work with it. If you’re still needing assistance in picking the right channel for you, we are here to assist. Please feel free to give us a call at (862) 266-0677.