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Why use a bucket on a belt?

With the number of tools a window cleaner uses on the job, it can feel like you need more than two hands to carry all of your equipment. Not only can it be disruptive, but time-consuming to interrupt your workflow to swap out tools. Luckily, an option is available to help lighten your load: the bucket on a belt.

The bucket on a belt, also known as the BOAB, gives you the liberty to be hands-free when you need to, all while holding your necessities at your side. This makes it easier and safer to carry all of the tools you’ll need while you’re up on a ladder, in a tight space, working with extension poles, or even just at ground level. A BOAB is an immense time saver and allows you to jump from job to job.

Designed with ergonomics and space-saving in mind, BOABs contour to your leg so as to not be in the way while you’re working. They also prevent you from fumbling around with tools in a large bucket or making several trips back to your vehicle for your gear. They are also a must-have for ladder work, minimizing the number of trips you’d have to take up and down, thus making it safer to work.

These mobile mini-buckets are constructed of plastic, durable cloth, or a mixture of the two. With the capability of attaching this to your belt, your accessories stay accessible at waist level for quick and easy use. One of the main functions of a BOAB is to hold a liquid cleaning solution to prevent making trips down to a bucket to re-apply.

BOAB Drip Guard

Most buckets on a belt can fit about 0.75 liters of liquid cleaner to keep your sleeves from either getting too dirty or dry while you’re off the ground. Some BOABs even have a guard at the bottom for any water that drips down that you can empty out. An example of a BOAB with a drip guard is the Moerman Drywalker Flex, which has a removable section that can be used to contain any water that has dripped through.

If you have a BOAB without a drip guard and wish to add one, Window Cleaning Resource offers its own Drip Guard. Meant to go around your holster system, this brilliant tool prevents drips from your wet squeegee or strip washer and is especially useful when working interiors. The WCR Drip Guard guard soaks up the drips, and once it has become saturated, all you need to do is wring it out to use it again. The WCR Drip Guard will fit around most of the BOABs, and is a very inexpensive add-on that your customers will be sure to appreciate.

A common concern for window cleaners who have never used a BOAB is whether or not it will leak and get your leg wet. But, maintaining a good practice of emptying or wringing out your drip guard will prevent this and leave you dry and comfortable.

Utilizing your BOAB

A BOAB can fit your squeegees, scrubbers, and channels securely, minimizing the fear of them falling out or dropping from heights. They typically fit channels and T-Bars of any size, but beyond 36 inches, you may deal with some weight distribution issues. BOABs can have several compartments to them so that you can separate your equipment and keep them in designated slots, so you are not limited to what you can keep at your side. Some even have a removable partition in them, such as the Aztec Samurai BOAB, which can be useful for separating your gear. While some will attach directly to your belt, others have the ability to detach with a clip. There are also plenty of accessories to choose from for your bucket on a belt including the partition mentioned and buckles and clips. Certain designs can even attach to belt holsters with a quick-release lock.

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With how versatile a bucket on a belt can be, it leaves you with a lot of options to work with when it comes to compatibility with window cleaning tools. Keep all of your handheld equipment within reach to limit your time in exchanging it. Enjoy BOABs from top brands such as Moerman, Unger, Ettore, and Pulex. Each brand offers different features, but their primary objective is the same - to keep you working as efficiently as possible! Some of our top sellers include the XERO Silencer, Aztec Samurai BOAB, and the Moerman Toolholder 2.0.

The XERO Silencer has taken the window cleaning industry by storm and continues to be the most sought-after BOAB on the market. The unique and sturdy Silencer is made of the highest quality industrial-grade material. Constructed with the durable 1000 Denier MIL-SPEC CORDURA® nylon, you can work without fear of damaging this product.

The Silencer is extremely versatile due to the variety of tools that can fit into its slots. It can also be unclipped from a belt with its attached buckle to be removed whenever needed. It features an indentation on one side for your leg to fit comfortably as you wear it. The Silencer includes its unique reclaim system which keeps your tools wet and your leg dry. This is achieved by its tightly fitting reservoir which keeps water out. This can also be unbuckled to dump out any excess liquid and can be opened in order to clean the interior when needed. The Silencer is a great tool that can be depended on for daily use by experienced users and even those new to the window cleaning industry!

The Aztec Samurai BOAB is a classic in this industry for many reasons. It has a wide design, which allows for more tools to slot into it. It is large enough to fit up to a 36-inch channel and a 22-inch mop. The Samurai includes a buckle that can attach to your belt with ease and can be adjusted to fit your frame. Beyond that, it includes a removable partition, which can be useful if you have a few different types of tools at your hip and want them separated and it can also be removed for cleaning. The Aztec Samurai also comes in many colors to choose from, so you can match it with the gear you’ve already got!

The Moerman Toolholder 2.0 is an improved design beyond what Moerman has previously offered. It is made from sturdy plastic and features wider and more spacious interior compartments that can hold more of your tools at once. Fit several tools into the many compartments of this BOAB with ease. Although it works well for many tools, this BOAB is specially designed to fit the Moerman Excelerator 3.0 Specialty Squeegee. Featuring the unique F*LIQ pad against a squeegee channel, the Moerman Toolholder 2.0 is the perfect home for this unique and sought-after window cleaning tool. In the end, it always comes down to your personal preference and what tools work best for you and your team.