Window Cleaner Relief Fund

  • The Mission:

    The Window Cleaner Relief Fund is dedicated to providing financial assistance to any window cleaner who has experienced an unexpected injury or tragedy on the job. We also aid to help their families in the event of a death.

  • Current Fund Balance:


  • The Window Cleaner Relief Fund was created to aid window cleaners that have been injured on the job. In the event of death or permanent injury, funds can go to the family of the deceased.

    We are opening the fund with a $10,000.00 initial pool. If you or someone you know is a window cleaner and has been injured on the job, fill out the details below to be considered.

    While we certainly understand and sympathize with the struggles of starting a business, affording tools and other similar matters, The Window Cleaner Relief Fund is only for window cleaners that are injured on the job or funding family members in the event of death. We'd like to reserve funds for these serious situations and so we will not be funding anyone for tools, equipment, etc.

    Anthony J. D'Angelo once said, "Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community." We have seen the community come together many times over the years when a fellow brother or sister has had a fall, tragedy, accident or other unfortunate event. We want to take this one step further with the Window Cleaner Relief Fund. When the people of our industry come together, anything is possible. Stay safe, be kind and above all else, be a force for good!

  • "hey everyone, on 11-04-23, Devante and another friend of his were in a serious accident. Sadly one of them didn’t make it, Devante is now in the hospital fighting. His dad states “Quick update. There were two people in the car, my son had a 50/50 chance for Nov 4th 2023 to be his last day alive. He got lucky, unfortunately for the other kid and his family, they were not so lucky. Devante is back in surgery for a couple hrs but preliminary observations he should be ok after a couple surgeries and some rehab for his legs. Plenty of other injuries from brain bleeding to, bruised lungs, torn liver and on n on but he's stable and should be ok.” The last update we got he was sedated in the ICU, and will be in the hospital for at least two weeks. He will need lots of therapy and recovery after he gets out. This fundraiser goes completely to Devante and his medical bills and recovery. Any donation counts, if you can’t donate please share and keep Devante and his family in prayers."

    Click here to donate to help support Devante Charo

  • "Adam Farrar fell to his death while cleaning windows at the Schneck Hospital in Seymour, Indiana. Mr. Farrer fell 5 stories and was lifelined to an Indianapolis hospital but he succumbed to his injuries. Mr. Farrar leaves behind a wife and 3 children.

    At this time, we are unsure what caused the fall, but we as window cleaners need to support his family. I have spoke with his wife and all donations will go directly to her to help cover the cost of final expenses and start a fund to help with the kids' expenses. Please donate as you can."

    Click here to donate to help support Adam's family

  • "Brett fell 20 feet off a ladder two weeks ago. He snapped his femur in half and broke his heel. He had emergency surgery the next morning and now can’t put any weight on his right foot for at least three months, which means he can’t really walk and he definitely can’t drive. They say it may be six months before he can return to work. Needless to say, although I am working full time, I have had to (and will continue to need to) take off work for hospital visits and doctor’s appointments and have very little PTO left, and my income cannot support our little family and we need some help. Brett gets a little help from Worker’s Comp, but it won’t last long and it isn’t much. It’s definitely better than nothing though! Any little bit helps. Thank you!"

    Click here to donate to Brett Osborne's recovery fund

  • "My dad took an awful fall off nearly a 3-story roof. He snapped his ankles, and broke many bones in his feet. We have been beyond thankful that he is alive and that nothing else was broken.  We are currently in the process of waiting for the swelling in his ankles to go down so they can proceed with his surgery. The expenses have been a bit much as my dad is the main head of income in the family. We are trying to keep his window cleaning business up and running as much as we can. We are unable to make as much as he does but are doing what we can for the time being. We would be absolutely blessed if you would give whatever you feel led to give."

    Click here to donate to Phillip Derry's recovery fund