Soaps & Chemicals

Window Cleaning Soaps and Chemicals available to buy. We carry soaps and chemicals for window cleaning professionals. Browse popular glass cleaners, sealants, slip and stain removal products. Check out the Hard Water Stain Removal Guide if you are doing research. Shop solutions for window cleaning, screen cleaning and more. Other miscellaneous chemicals are also available. We also carry replacement tops, sprayers, caps, and other chemical resistant bottles. Need help? Call us at 862-266-0677.

We offer a comprehensive range of window cleaning soaps and chemicals for professional window cleaning business owners. With our expertise and top-notch options, you can achieve the best results for your customers. We carry popular glass cleaners, stain removers, glass sealants, screen cleaners and other miscellaneous chemicals for solar panel cleaning, pressure washing, rust removal, awning cleaning and more.

What kind of soap do professional window cleaners use? There are lots of options but the soap you choose can make a world of difference.  Investing in a high-quality window cleaning soap ensures streak-free performance and enhanced cleaning power. You are looking for a soap that leaves behind a smooth surface for squeegees to glide across with ease. Luckily, we carry all of the popular window cleaning glass cleaners you often see in the industry. Popular options include Titan Glass Gleam 3 (GG3) and Glass Gleam 4 (GG4).  What’s the difference between the two? Glass Gleam 4 provides all of the same benefits as GG3 but it is designed to work better for hard water. While there are many specialized cleaning liquids, many window cleaners opt to use basic dish soap such as Dawn Dish Detergent to clean windows effectively and that works just fine!

Professional window cleaners use a squeegee and scrubber sleeve that is dipped in a soap and water solution to wash windows. Some window cleaning soaps are designed to be applied directly to your scrubber like the Moerman Squeeze Deluxe, for others, you need merely a drop in a bucket for super frothy suds on the glass. Other solutions can be added to your water like Unger The Pill Glass Cleaner or the Sorbo Window Cleaning Soap in powder form. Choosing a window cleaning solution really comes down to personal preference, though most are generally very similar. Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a glass cleaner are bleed-back, drag reduction, performance, foam, smell, consistency, etc.

A lot of our window cleaning customers customize their window cleaning solutions with a variety of products. No need to limit yourself to just one!  For example, check out SteveO’s Window Cleaning Solution Mix, which features Dawn, Glass Gleam 4, and Hi-Slide. You may also want to add an additive to your solution. Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide is one of the best solutions for those hot days that dry the glass faster than you can work. Add it to your window cleaning solution to slow evaporation and increase your squeegee’s performance as it glides on the glass. There are other options as well. Winsol Super Slip is a wetting agent for increased blade slip and to slow water evaporation time; it also helps eliminate blade chatter while reducing wear of the blad

Stain removers are another important part of your tool arsenal and are meant for tough stains or corrosion on glass. It is very likely you will come in contact with hard water stains at some point in time. We carry a variety of solutions, milder solutions such as Diamond Magic or more acidic solutions for more aggressive cleaning, like Winsol Crystal Clear 550 Glass Restorer. If you are planning on tackling hard water stains, consider keeping some abrasives on hand. White scrub pads, walnut scrub pads, steel wool or window cleaning towels will all come in handy for hard water removal. If you are looking to learn more about Hard Water Stain Removal check out our Stain Removal Guide.

We also carry other solutions such as window cleaning glass sealants and screen cleaners. Seal and protect glass with ease! So how do glass sealants work? They form a protective barrier on the glass  against smears, scratches and other damage. Applying a glass sealant can also reduce the amount of maintenance needed in the future and can prolongs the life of the glass as well. Browse our variety of screen cleaners as well! We offer products like Winsol Screen Cleaner and Sealant and Screen Magic Cleaner that continuously protect screens even after you have cleaned them. If you really want to take the work out of screen cleaning, consider a screen cleaning unit, check out the XERO Screen Cleaner!

In our Miscellaneous Cleaners section, you will find helpful chemicals that aid in a variety of jobs. Need to remove rust? Clean solar panels? Pressure washing chemicals? We got you! Some of our most popular chemicals come from Titan, Front 9 Restoration and Winsol. Before you use any chemical, you should always refer to its Safety Data Sheet, which outlines the potential risks a particular product may have

We are proud to say that in recent years, 2022 for example, Window Cleaning Resource was the #1 in sales of Front 9 Restoration chemicals. They offer four high-quality restoration products that clean, restore and maintain almost every type of inorganic stain on a multitude of surfaces. Residential applications? Large scale commercial applications? F9 has a product for you. The most popular selling product we carry is the F9 BARC Concrete Rust Remover.

With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right cleaning solution can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect soap or chemicals for your professional needs:

  • Cleaning Power: Look for a soap with excellent cleaning power to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime. 
  • Safety To Use: Ensure the soap is safe to use on various surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, and metal frames. A plus is if it smells good as well and is kind to your hands.
  • Eco-friendly: strive to use eco-friendly soaps and chemicals when possible! Using environmentally friendly soaps shows that you, as a service provider, are respectful of their properties and values. 

We also carry all of the window cleaning accessories you may need too, asides from soaps and chemicals. Browse window cleaning buckets and spray bottles for your soap. Our durable buckets allow you to prepare your preferred soap formula in advance. No more going back and forth to refill your solution; simply grab your spray bottle filled with the pre-mixed soap, and you're ready to tackle any window with ease.