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Regular price $379.00 USD
Regular price $379.00 USD Sale price $379.00 USD
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About the XERO Screen Cleaner

The XERO Screen Cleaner makes screen cleaning easier than ever. One of our most sought-after devices, this compact, lightweight, convenient tool washes screens quickly and can clean screens as large as a standard patio door screen.

Xero Screen Cleaner

This innovative system features top-tier scrubbing power with four durable nylon brushes attached to sturdy aluminum rods that deep-clean the screen and frame simultaneously. The built-in shutoff valve helps you conserve water, and this powerful tool also attracts the attention of your customer's neighbors.

Water is delivered to the center of the washer through one feeder hose that comes standard with a garden hose fitting. This makes for easy hook-up or installation of a soap dispenser.

XERO Screen CleanerCompact & Easy to Transport

4 support legs unfold in seconds! The XERO Screen Cleaner is sturdy and easy to set up; unfold the legs, plug in your water source, and you are ready to go. This screen cleaner is compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 12 pounds, and easy to store or transport.

The XERO Screen Cleaner takes influence from the Aztec Screen Washer, invented by New Mexico-based window cleaner, Jared Martinez, who also invented the popular Samurai Bucket On A Belt.

Xero Screen Cleaner

Manufacturer Part NumberXeroSC1

Questions & Answers

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  • how do you charge per screen clean them?

    Charging per screen can vary greatly by location, some work the price right into their per window price, others might charge +$1 or 2. Please refer to our What would you charge? Service for more specified information.

  • Hello m, I have a question regarding XERO Screen Cleaner. What chemical or prifuctobus to use to wash? and how to apply them?

    Hey there! Great question! Most of our customers just use water to clean screens unless they are exceptionally dirty. You can check out our screen cleaning solutions HERE.

  • What are the dimensions of this unit? ie: How long is the cleaning area or maybe another way to ask is how many inches/wide of a screen can fit into the cleaner? For example, if a patio door screen is 65 inches wide, will this be able to clean the entire screen? Like at least half that width needs to be able to fit down into the unit to clean both halves. Thanks!

    The scrub area is about 35" and it is capable of cleaning a standard patio door. We have seen customers put through even larger screens!

  • Can we order replacement parts like the water line, or brush bristles??

    You sure can! Give us a call to get an order placed for the correct parts.

  • Is the connected to a standard house water hose, or do we need a special hose?

    Hi Andrew, your standard garden hose is good to use.

  • How many water jet nozzles does it have?

    The water runs through a pvc pipe which is removable so you are able to add more holes if desired.

  • Does it come with a carrying bag? I have a small hatchback work vehicle with fabric and I don't want it to leak water everywhere after a job.

    No, currently there is no carrying case for this product.

  • Is there a on/off switch as you use it? In other words, does it shut off automatically when not in use? Does it operate via sensor when you put the screen through it automatically turns on and when you take it out it shuts off?

    There is an on/off switch

  • What size screen can it accommodate?

    Screens as large as slider screens can be cleaned.

  • How stable is the base?

    It is stable when planted on a hard flat surface.

  • I clean a lot of houses that have delicate screens. Screens where the spleen pops out of the frame very easily if you apply to much pressure. How does this machine do with them? Are the brushes too agressive?

    Hi Jared - I would say the brushes are medium. They are not all that aggressive and they are not super soft. They are somewhere in the middle.

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