What Would you charge?

The hardest part of your window cleaning job will be valuing yourself appropriately for your work. There are several ways to price out any window cleaning job; whether you are charging per pane, sash, or window, you’ll soon realize how many different windows exist! Plus, you will have to consider factors such as base fees, waterfed, or traditional window cleaning, first-time or construction cleans, and more! When you ask, “How should I charge for this?” We can help!

Fill out this form and include details about the job in question. One of our product specialists will reach out to you directly with what they would charge and any other helpful information that comes to mind!

bid the right price

Another great option to explore is ResponsiBid! This is a great program that enables you customize and provide your customers with comprehensive quotes for your window cleaning services. This software includes formats and automations that take the hassle out of bidding jobs, following up with clients, and even scheduling! Learn more about pricing your services in the video below or visit ResponsiBid.com to read more and access a free customized pricing worksheet!