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When is it time to change your squeegee rubber?

Customers often ask, "How often should I change my squeegee rubber?" There are a few factors that play into this and the learning curve is determining just when to change it and what works best for you. How big is your workload? Are you doing residential or commercial work? What is the weather like where you are located? Is there a nick in the rubber? Is it leaving streaks? These are all things to consider and aid in how often you should change your rubber.

There is no standard time for changing out rubbers but it is good practice to change them often. Some people change their rubber daily, as needed, or when they start to notice performance issues or streaking. Pay attention to your rubber as well as it's performance to get a better feel of when you need to change it. You can flip it over or just change it out completely and you should immediately see the difference in performance. 

Ideally, you always want razor-sharp edges on your rubber that glide across the window effortlessly. With time you will be able to tell when the rubber needs to be changed. If it’s not producing perfect or near-perfect results, then it may be a good idea to err on the side of caution and change it. Sometimes if all that is worn on the rubbers are the ends, you can cut it down and use it on a smaller channel. Keep in mind that improper storage and rough handling can lead to premature wearing.

Always keep extra squeegee rubber on hand! You can purchase rubber in 12 packs or gross if you really want to stay stocked up.

Should I buy hard
or soft rubber?

Squeegee rubbers come in a soft or hard variation. After you have decided what brand of rubber you are going to buy the next step is determining whether soft or hard rubber would be better suited for you. Keep in mind that soft squeegee rubber is best for cooler temperatures. Hard rubber will usually last a little longer than soft rubber and is ideal for hot and humid temps. Hard rubber may also require a little more pressure against the glass. Some brands also offer a medium blend rubber.

It really comes down to where you are located and what your weather is like. Is it warm most of the year? If you see little to no snow, hard rubber may be suitable year-round except for the coldest times of the year. Our warehouse, for example, is located in New York which has all four seasons. Soft rubber is a great option for us most of the year. We would only use hard rubber on those super hot days! 

If you are not using your rubber right away and intend to store it long term make sure you are keeping it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or high heat. We've seen a lot of customers get creative with their rubber storage. A good idea is to store them in a UV-resistant plastic case or a similar storage type container. Remember, correct storage will make sure those rubbers remain long-lasting!

What brand of squeegee rubber is the best?

When it comes down to it, squeegee rubber is mostly about preference. It is all essentially made the same way and results do not differ that much from brand to brand. Again, completely about preference and what works best for you as a window cleaner! 

The first brand we want to discuss is Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber, the gold standard of squeegee rubber. Ettore offers high-quality, long-lasting rubber that has been a staple in the window cleaning industry for many years. It is highly reviewed and recognized as one of the best squeegee rubbers. It is also packaged in a convenient plastic square tube to keep your rubbers stored properly and efficiently. Ettore also has a Soren rubber which will work for Sörbo style channels.

Another really popular brand is BlackDiamond Squeegee Rubber. If you are looking for an all-around, capable, and razor sharp rubber with an incredible glide, BlackDiamond is an excellent, affordable option. You can purchase this in round, or flat top so your channel style isn't a concern. BlackDiamond offers an innovative medium Shore Factor, that takes a bit to break in, but outlasts as the number one versatile squeegee blade for window cleaners.

Squeegee Rubber Buying Options

Squeegee rubber is available from your favorite brands, including Ettore, BlackDiamond, Unger, Pulex, Moerman, Sorbo, Wagtail, and Facelift. Many window cleaners start with a 10-12 pack of rubber or stock up and invest in a gross. A gross is offered in most squeegee rubber brands and is a unit of measurement equivalent to 144 pieces of rubber. 

Pulex, Unger, and Ettore offer a 3-foot strip of rubber. These are useful for cutting it to your desired size and getting multiple replacement pieces. Sörbo even offers a 50-foot roll for customers, which is more cost-effective for the small business owner. A handy tool is the Ronan Multi-Cut Rubber Cutter which allows you to easily trim your rubber to fit whichever size channel you use. It makes cutting rubber quick, easy, and accurate.

As far as color, the majority of squeegee rubber is black. If you are looking for some color variation, check out the RazrBlade Red Squeegee Rubber from Facelift or Unger's Green Power Squeegee RubberMoerman offers blue NXT-R Squeegee Rubber, but make sure the rubber will fit whatever channel you use. 

We carry all the BEST Squeegee Rubber Brands

Professional squeegee rubber is imperative in window cleaning. Whatever rubber you use, Window Cleaning Resource has it! Squeegee rubber is arguably one of the most important parts to your traditional set up as the rubber goes into direct contact with the glass.
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