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Facelift RazrBlade Red Squeegee Rubber - 36 Inch

Facelift RazrBlade Red Squeegee Rubber - 36 Inch

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About the Facelift RazrBlade Red Squeegee Rubber - 36 Inch

This unique rubber from Facelift is toted to work in all seasons. It has an exceptionally long life compared to other brands of rubber. The RazrBlade rubber fits all standard squeegee channels. You can cut each 36-inch piece to the size you need for your channel.


  • Unique Rubber
  • Works in All Seasons
  • Exceptionally Long life
  • Fits All Standard Squeegee Channels


The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit Facelift RazrBlade Red Squeegee Rubber.

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Ask a Question
  • What is the depth of the rubber? One inch?

    2cm (roughly 3/4 inch)

  • What are all of the dimensions of the rubber. I'm hoping it is at least one inch wide.

    2cm - a little over 3/4 inches

  • Merhaba ürun türkiyeye nezaman gelir bu kauçuk kac cm

    Yes we can ship to Turkey, this rubber is 36 inches (91.44 cm) long

  • How well does the red rubber work in the winter?

    This rubber is great for all seasons!

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