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Luke The Window Cleaner

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About the LTWC Squeegee Channel

Luke, the Window Cleaner, set his mind to work to create the perfect squeegee channel for commercial window cleaning jobs.

Experience a super smooth glide across the glass from these extremely lightweight channels. Designed to require the least amount of pressure. They work with round top rubber and brass end clips. They come loaded with BlackDiamond round top rubber, trusted by Luke, but you can always swap it for your favorite replacement rubber.

Luke recommends using the Unger Ninja Squeegee Handle for the best performance.

So pick up a new channel and head out on your storefront route!

BlackDiamond Flat Top, Ettore Soren, and Sorbo Squeegee Rubber WILL NOT fit in this channel.


The following handles have been tested and confirmed to fit this handle.

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  • Is this a super channel or will it fit thin squeegee handles?

    It is not a super channel, but it will not fit in the standard handles. You will need a wide body handle.

  • What are the channels made of?

    They are made of anodized aluminum.

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