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Maykker Products


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About Maykker Products

Window Cleaning Resource is proud to offer a premium selection of Maykker Products. Maykker is an international manufacturer and brand of window cleaning and janitorial supplies that was founded by Richie Blue. Their ultimate goal is to produce top of the line products that function well in real-time circumstances no matter what the job entails. Customer satisfaction is their main concern.  Their line of products is built upon principles of innovative design, practical use, functionality, and high-quality materials and construction.

These new products are meant to make your daily jobs just a little bit easier. Currently, they have released the Maykker Mini Extension Pole and add-on set, Maykker Python which includes the Maykker Python Sleeve and Maykker EasyScrub Bronze Wool Ends, a swivel T-Bar, a Handy Sleeve, a Track Brush and a premium Belt. Keep in mind that you can also buy the T-Bar and Handy Sleeve as a complete package. We will go into the details of each of these new products and what they do down below.

One thing we particularly like about these products is the high-quality build and construction. These are not cheaply made by any means. They will not easily break and built to be long-lasting and truly durable. The Handy Sleeve, for instance, is made with genuine velcro in Belgium, genuine velcro velour in Spain and stainless steel snaps in Germany. 

Overview of Maykker Products:

Handy Sleeve Complete - The Handy Sleeve with the Maykker T-Bar complete setup is the ultimate versatility tool for window cleaners. The Swivel T-Bar incorporates a tight tubular fit which has many benefits. It also features a durable plastic handle and an aluminum t-section. The Genuine Velcro sleeve holds numerous materials, such as microfiber cloths, towels, scrubs, and bronze/steel wool pads. The Maykker Handy Sleeve Complete will make pole work a breeze! Great for detailing glass, cleaning frames, and so much more. You can purchase this as a complete set or the Handy Sleeve and the T-Bar independently!

Trident Belt - We're super excited about this belt! No compromises were made in quality or performance of this tool. The Trident Belt is a nylon belt that features the right combination of strength, flexibility and durability. It is made from the same top quality material used by deep-sea divers to carry their equipment in harsh environments which means this tool is long-lasting and durable. It's available in two sizes from Medium to XXL.

Track Brush - You can now purchase a set of 3 nylon track brushes! These are small, handy tools for scrubbing without scratching. The double-sided function and small-angle allows the user to easily pull dirt out from corners. It will fit perfectly in whatever pouch or belt you are sporting.

Invest in Maykker Products

Check out these premium Maykker Products we now offer:

  • Maykker Mini Extension Pole & Add On Set
  • Maykker Python Sleeve
  • Maykker Scotsman Sleeve
  • Maykker Switchmop
  • Maykker EasyScrub Ends
  • Swivel T-Bar
  • Handy Sleeve
  • Complete Handy Sleeve & T Bar
  • Track Brush
  • Trident Belt

Maykker is a trusted brand and focuses on these benefits:

✓ Innovative design
✓ Practical use
✓ Functional application
✓ Superior quality materials 
✓ Professional construction
✓ Designed by window cleaners