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Get your hands on SteveO's three favorite window cleaning soaps for the ultimate mix. He's included Titan Glass Gleam 4, Hi-Slide, and the most loved dish soap by window cleaners, Dawn.

Dawn Dish Detergent is perfect for cleaning windows. It's affordable and easy to use. It gives you an ample amount of suds so you can really feel like you're cleaning.

Titan Glass Gleam 4 gives windows that extra pop and helps to cut through more dirt and grime than just Dawn alone. Use this for residential and commercial jobs. Mix a capful with your dawn for the best results. Or mix it with your other favorite soap if you're feeling adventurous.

Add in the Hi-Slide when you're working in the summer or in direct sunlight and you need windows to stay wetter longer. You'll get more glide for a better clean. Use it all day every day; SteveO says it's a game-changer for cleaning large commercial panes. It extends the time you get to work on the window so you don't have to rush.

Check out SteveO's recommendations on ratios with 3 gallons of water. Then make up your own that works best for you!

Mix Name Dawn Dish Detergent Titan Glass Gleam 4 Hi-Slide
Basic Mix 5 Second Pour 1 Capful None
Dirty Mix 5 Second Pour 2 Capfuls None
Ultimate Mix 5 Second Pour 1 Capful 2+ Tsp per Gallon

For extra suds, go for a 6 - 7 second pour of Dawn.

So buy this to clean windows, it's simple as that.


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