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Regular price $13.78 USD
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About the Dawn Dish Detergent

Fight tough grease or get squeaky-clean windows with Dawn Dish Detergent. The dependable dishwashing liquid you've come to love in your kitchen can also be used on the job for windows.

PGC45112CT PGC57445CT
Manufacturer Part NumberPGC45112CT

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  • So I've watched Steve O use this and I just don't understand how showing up to a job with some Dawn can actually be better than dedicated window cleaner. Is there a reason for this? Is it just for slightly dirty windows or used for insanely bad windows? I just feel like I'm missing something going the cheaper route.

    Dawn Dish Detergent is simply a tried-and-true classic that window cleaners have used for decades. Some folks simply enjoy this method because they know it works for slightly dirty windows as well as super dirty windows.

    Think about how tough Dawn is on a greasy pan. Dirt is usually easier to deteriorate than grease, so Dawn is great for the job.

    Other soaps and cleaners we offer are also solid and work really well for cleaning windows, plus come in larger sizes, allowing folks to not have to buy another bottle for a longer amount of time.

    Others like the smaller size of Dawn as it's easier to carry around on the job.

    There are so many factors as to why someone would use Dawn over another a gallon of concentrate, and vice a versa.

    It simply has to do with personal preference, but all the soaps we offer are great. Check out the reviews and especially check out our Community Page to see what people like and dislike about different kinds of soaps. And as always, give us a call if you want to hear some personal experiences from our product specialists.

  • Is this different from Dawn available in any grocery market? I've been using Dawn for close to 15 years now. I bought some extra fancy foamy Dawn on accident one time because it looked so similar to the regular bottle. All the froth and suds were a nightmare to deal with. Ever since then, it seems like I've noticed more suds in the regular Dawn that I have been using. It is possible this is in my imagination, so my second question is, Has Dawn changed their formula over the years by making it more sudsy?

    This is regular Dawn, not extra sudsy. We only purchase Dawn's regular formula. We are not sure if it has changed over the years, but many window cleaners like this formula and say it's tried and true.

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