Ten+ Reasons to Transition to
Waterfed Window Cleaning

Transitioning to Waterfed Window Cleaning can certainly be intimidating for any company. There are so many benefits to waterfed window cleaning such as safety, being faster/more efficient and unlimited growth potential. Think of it as an investment, not an expense. If you want to discuss your options, fears, or budget with us, consider scheduling a Consultation with one of our product specialists. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and let us put your fears at ease! If the cost still seems to big to swallow, check out our Financing program!


    Wouldn't it be nice to leave ladders in the past? Ladders pose a HUGE safety threat for owners and employees. According to the World Health Organization, the USA (unfortunately) leads the world in ladder injuries and deaths. There are more than 164,000 injuries that resulted in the emergency room and 300 deaths in the U.S. per year. That number is only climbing. If you think it can't ever happen to you, you're being naive. We've seen many tragic cases of ladder falls.

    Even if you can't completely eliminate the use of ladders, you can drastically decrease your time on the ladder which is a lot safer. Not to mention, ladders are inconvenient for your customers as well. Ladders can disrupt gardens, flowers or leave marks on the side of your customer's home or even damage their gutters.

    We urge customers to always make safety their number one priority. If you have to use a ladder, make sure you and your staff know how to stay safe. One popular product is the LeveLok Ladder Levelers which is ideal for uneven surfaces.


    Waterfed poles allow you to clean windows without the use of harmful soaps or chemicals making the process more streamlined and environmentally friendly which is a huge plus. More and more customers are becoming environmentally conscious and aware of the dangers and damage that certain detergents, soaps, and chemicals can cause.

    Using a waterfed pole can guarantee that no chemical or mineral damage is left on homes, lawns, gardens or properties. The pure water attracts dirt and grime on an ionic level and lifts it from almost any surface. This produces a film-less, smear-free surface as the glass is washed and rinsed with pure water. No soaps or chemicals needed!

    We hear about some business owners who are fearful that customers won't "accept" waterfed window cleaning as a proper method over traditional window cleaning. A simple one page handout explaining what waterfed cleaning is and how it benefits the customer can be super useful. Here is a sample handout you could customize and use!


    Yes, cleaning windows safely from the ground is the name of the game! Waterfed poles allow you to clean windows up to 90 feet high with the operator’s feet planted safely on the ground! This means increased safety for you and your employees. Cut down on potential accidents by transitioning to waterfed window cleaning today.

    The repetitious nature of window cleaning can, unfortunately, lead to the development of physical health issues. Waterfed poles are simply tools that can minimize risk and danger. This technology eliminates the use of ladders, lifts, and scaffolding in the field which poses even more danger. Also, the long-term use of ladders on your joints can be very devastating in your senior years.

    Some points people tend to be concerned about are the learning curve, the cost, it's effectiveness, and what their customers will think. Rest assured we have helped transition thousands of companies over to waterfed equipment.


    There is a lot of debate on this subject but we really do believe that waterfed equipment provides a better clean most of the time over traditional window cleaning methods. Pure water cleaning uses only water that is purified. Any impurities such as dissolved solids, minerals, salts, metals, etc. have been removed from it.

    That is why true pure water has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of zero. Once all the impurities have been removed from the water, you no longer need soaps or squeegees to break up the dirt on the glass. Ultra pure water that has a TDS reading of zero is extremely aggressive in removing dirt. Pure water attracts any dirt on the glass and removes it effortlessly.

    You will hear the term "TDS" a lot when reading about pure water window cleaning or deciding which purification to buy for your company. Basically, the lower your TDS, the lower your purification system cost can be. We will go into this more in-depth below. You can start by checking your TDS here.


    The window cleaning industry has seen so many revolutionary new products and advancements in the area of waterfed window cleaning! Each year new products come out that have the ability to make your job faster and more efficient. Let's take a look at some of these products.

    The Uni-Valve from Exceed, for instance, is a waterfed pole in-line, on/off valve. It is non-intrusive and no permanent modifications to your pole are needed. This tool helps with water conservation on the job so you are not wasting water in the long run.

    The Walnut Pad Holder is a great add-on for your waterfed pole brush that aids in scrubbing power. It comes in a large and mini sizes according to your job. Super useful for those stubborn stains!


    Let's face it, a squeegee isn't going to tackle those big jobs. Let's say you are bidding on a building that has 45 windows on the first and second story. To tackle something like this traditionally you will need a ladder and a whole lot of time. A waterfed pole should be considered just another tool in your "arsenal." It won't work for every situation but it will come in handy in a lot of different scenarios!

    The biggest advantage waterfed poles pose is being able to reach higher. The majority of waterfed pole brands offer options that can reach ground floor windows all the way up to 45 to 65 feet or four stories and above! When it comes to poles and varying heights we recommend you check out XERO Waterfed Poles.

    If you were looking for a premium high mod pole to reach as high as 70 feet the XERO Pro Ultra Light, is a great option. When you need the longest, stiffest water fed pole around, you want to get the XERO Destroyer! It is specifically designed for maximum heights. Another option is the Unger nLite Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole. Expensive, but extremely well made and great for an owner/operator. You can start with as little as 22' and keep adding to it easily.


    Water fed poles are versatile in that they let you reach jobs that would simply not be able to get done with a squeegee. Trees or obstacles in the way? High reach windows? No problem!

    In fact, there are so many uses for water fed poles! Need to clean some solar panels? Water fed poles are a great tool when it comes to solar panel cleaning! Pair your waterfed pole with the XERO Hybrid Brush or the Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush and you will be ready to go! Cleaning conservatory roofs? Maybe you even have some high commercial signs you want to clean for an account. A waterfed pole can aid in all of these scenarios!

    You can also reach your high and angled windows, such as skylights without the use of ladders. Waterfed poles do a great job of cleaning frames as well which makes your work easier and faster!


    There is no way around it, window cleaning is a physically demanding job. Sick of carrying around heavy buckets of water? Tired of climbing up and down ladders or wiping windows for hours? We don't blame you!

    These days waterfed poles are made with certain considerations in mind. What is important to you? Weight (how light your pole), rigidity (how stiff your pole is), or durability (how long-lasting your pole is). All of these factors play into how a waterfed pole can make your workload easier and more efficient.

    Keep in mind, all waterfed poles are not created equal in regards to the material they are made out of. For the majority of customers, we recommend Carbon Fiber waterfed poles for regular or daily users. Carbon fiber is lightweight and stiff and safe for use up to 90 feet.


    Have you ever heard of the expression, "Time is money!" Well, it's true! Waterfed poles save time, which in turn makes you more money! Yes, there is more of an upfront cost and expense with waterfed equipment but keep in mind, you also make more per hour. At the end of the day, transitioning to waterfed is an investment, not an expense.

    And it may not be as expensive as you may think! Those with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of less than 150 are considered to have soft water and will be able to use a DI Tank as a method of purification. If you are looking for a complete package to get started consider the XERO DI Tank Package which comes with a DI Tank and your choice of XERO pole. Those with TDS readings of over 150 are considered to have hard water. In this case, a DI tank will NOT be a cost-effective method of purification, you need to consider a multistage purification system such as the XERO Pure.

    Speaking of working faster, if you are ready to step it up even further, check out the XERO Pure MAX. Thanks to the dual RO membranes, the increase in water production can easily accommodate a two-person crew without a pump. Single users can enjoy freedom from needing electricity.


    Your customers can benefit from your transition to waterfed equipment as well! If you take the time to explain to your regular customers the benefits of waterfed cleaning, most will be satisfied with a simple explanation that this method delivers the same great results as traditional cleaning in a safer manner.

    Waterfed tends to be less of an inconvenience to customers. Maintain their privacy and reduce the risks of any disturbances to your customers by eliminating ladder work altogether. You can ensure a smooth and accident-free service for your customers as well. At the end of the day, customers are usually focused on the end product. Pure water will leave their windows looking flawless without the use of detergents, soaps or harmful chemicals. Also, because there is no soap used which can often leave a residue, the windows will generally stay cleaner longer.

    It can make you look more reputable in the eyes of your customers. Try selling it to them that you are a progressive company that invests in quality tools and equipment. You aren't a Bucket Bob!


    One of the most common hinderances we hear when talking to customers who are considering transitioning over to waterfed window cleaning is price. We get it. Traditional methods of window cleaning are a lot more affordable. Waterfed equipment is not cheap. We highly recommend you consider financing your new waterfed equipment. Why? The process of financing makes high-cost equipment affordable and there are a ton of benefits. Easily split up the cost of your new equipment into monthly, manageable payments.

    Worried financing will slow things down when you need the new equipment like yesterday? Don't worry! It's super easy to get your new waterfed equipment stress-free with no money upfront when you lease. In fact, it takes seconds to apply. Approvals are usually same day. We have set up this program so there is no upfront costs, no hassle and it is truly risk-free!

    Learn more about Financing or Apply Here!


    A lot of our waterfed equipment, take our XERO waterfed poles for example, are designed to grow with you as your company grows. What does that mean exactly? With our XERO poles, you can easily add or drop sections at any time. This is a crucial part of what makes them so versatile and popular among professional window cleaners. There are options to reach 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 90 feet! Start small and add on sections as your business grows.

    XERO Universal Extensions are great to have on hand and can be added onto most poles to reach even higher. These extensions keep your waterfed pole lightweight since you can easily add and remove it as needed.

    When you are a waterfed window cleaner, the sky is the limit! Your equipment doesn't limit you but rather it works with you, no matter how small or big the size of the job is!