XERO Destroyer Water Fed Poles

Need a stiff waterfed pole for maximum heights? Introducing the longest, stiffest XERO water fed pole, the XERO Destroyer! Reach any heights from 30 foot all the way to 90 foot! Made from premium Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, so this pole is remarkably light and great for daily use. It's super easy to add and remove extensions as necessary. Durable, bolted on clamps are easy to adjust. XERO Destroyer+ Universal Extensions are also available to add ten extra feet to your pole! Need spare parts for your XERO Destroyer Pole? Shop the XERO Spare Parts & Sections category.

Need something more compact for residential? Check out the XERO Micro Series.


*Ground shipments to the continental US.

Introducing the latest and greatest XERO pole - the Xero Destroyer! This versatile pole comes in heights ranging from 30 feet all the way up to 90 feet. This pole is built with the commercial window cleaner in mind. You can always start small and add sections so this pole has the ability to grow with you.

So what's so great about the XERO Destroyer?

We have made this pole to be specifically designed for high reach commercial work. Think of this as a suitable option for extreme heights, we are talking, 60, 70, 80 or even 90 feet! We made this specifically lightweight for working at heights. For example, the base 30-foot pole weighs only 4.8 pounds. The Universal+ Extension only adds 2.1 pounds. These poles include the same high-quality as the rest of the XERO line. Each pole comes with easy to adjust, bolted on clamps. 

Not to mention, this pole is covered by our XERO Warranty! We understand that purchasing a Water Fed Pole is an investment that most customers and businesses have to save up for. We want you to know that when you purchase a XERO pole, we are here to help resolve any future issues. XERO poles are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Customers can enjoy a twelve year warranty on clamps, a twelve-year warranty on XERO Carbon Fiber Poles, and a twelve-year warranty on XERO HiMod Poles. 

This pole comes complete with everything you need to hook it up to your purification system and start cleaning! Included is enough hose for your pole plus ten feet to hook up to your pure water system. Each pole also includes a Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush for the toughest of jobs. These 12-inch brushes have outer nylon bristles for glide and inner boars hair bristles for aggressively scrubbing. 

Simply the Best!

Where to begin?! The XERO Destroyer is simply the best waterfed pole for maximum heights. These poles are made of super-strong, lightweight and durable Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, so it is the perfect blend of weight and rigidity. Perfect for daily use, especially on those BIG jobs! If you want even more height, consider the XERO Destroyer+ Universal Extensions which add ten extra feet to your pole! Need less height? No problem! It's easy to add and remove extensions as necessary. This pole is truly versatile and will check all of the boxes you need. Check out a few REAL customer reviews below!

  • "I want to thank Jordie for recommending this pole. I have an exterior cleaning company that primarily focuses on roof cleaning and house washing. We also clean lots of metal roofs that have lots of oxidation. I was searching for a pole that I could use and be stiff enough to be able to scrub the oxidation off of the metal roof. This pole checks all the boxes. I will upgrade to a 5 stage system soon, but needed an entry into the exterior window cleaning business as an added service. Highly recommend this water fed pole!" - Joanathan D.

  • "This is the absolute best mid-rise water fed pole on the market. We are fortunate enough to be able to have had the opportunity to use just about every single brand and make of water fed pole made. We also do a lot of 50 foot, 60 foot, and even 70 foot water fed work. This new pole has absolutely changed the mid-rise water fed game for us. It is by far the most rigid pole made." - Troy G.