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XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

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About the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

Get the best quality carbon fiber available in the XERO line of Pro Poles with the Pro Ultra Light Pole. This high modulus carbon fiber has a perfectly sanded finish for a great feel in the hands. It is the stiffest and lightest pole version in the Pro Line.

These water fed poles were created for the daily user that needs to work at heights without killing their shoulders or dealing with a constantly flexing pole. Sturdy clamps secure each section in place while you work. Not only do you get a premium pole, but included are all the bits and pieces you need to start cleaning right away.

This pole comes with the Tucker Black Hybrid Brush. A combination of boars hair and nylon bristles in the popular dual trim configuration allows you to have great glide and superior scrubbing power. Easily agitate the dirt and grime off windows and let the jets rinse it all away for a spotless finish. Already on the pole you'll find hose and a quick connect on/off valve to conserve water. Also included, the XERO Fast Lock system will make swapping your brushes a lot faster.

The XERO Pro Ultra Light Water Fed Pole is great for residential or commercial window cleaners. Newbies and old pros alike will love the quality of this super rigid, durable pole. If you need a pole that reaches 70', 80', or 90', check out the XERO Destroyer line.

One of the excellent benefits of XERO poles are the Add On and replacement sections that are available. If you do run into any issues with a damaged section, you can replace it with a quick swap. If you decide to start with a shorter pole, you can pick up a 10 foot Add On Set to extend your pole at a later date. The new sections are made with the same phenomenal quality carbon fiber and clamps as your original poles so they fit together perfectly.

Be at the top of your water fed window cleaning with a XERO Pro Ultra Light Pole.

*Hose Color May Vary


  • Made from Ultra High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Highest grade carbon fiber in the Pro Series
  • Poles from 30' up to 60'
  • Lightest pole in the Pro Series
  • Includes Hose, Brush, and Fittings
  • Easy to use clamps


Ask a Question
  • Can I find replacement clamps for this pole?

    XERO offers replacement bolt on clamps at a super affordable $4.99, as the time of this post.

  • Can I use my own brush on this pole?

    Of course! This accepts any standard brush that has Acme or Euro threads.

  • Can you tell me how much each pole weighs?

    The smallest 30' Pro Gold Pole weighs in at about 3 lbs, while the biggest 70' option is 11.26 lbs.

  • Does the 30 or 40 foot Xero gold pro pole with the trad pole as well ?

    The Micro line is the one with the trad pole in it. *Oval poles do not currently have Trad pole capabilities.

  • Are these glue-on or bolt-on clamps?

    XERO poles have transitioned from glued on clamps to all bolt-on clamps starting in 2019.

  • What type of brush comes with this pole?

    The XERO Pro Gold comes with the Black Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush in 12" as of this post.

  • Does this pole include a warranty policy?

    The hi-mod carbon fiber comes with a 2-year warranty and the clamps have their own 1-year warranty.

  • If I decide I wanted a longer or shorter pole, could I add or drop sections?

    The XERO Pro Gold Pole is awesome for its versatility. The 30' and 40' poles can be extended with a 3K Universal Extension. The modular scopic poles already come with some extensions, but you could add an extra one or two to the shorter ones. This allows you to remove the extensions for a lighter pole when you don't need them.

  • Are these poles listed with actual or reach lengths?

    The XERO Pro Gold Poles are listed in actual lengths, so what you see is what you get.

  • How many sections are on the Pro Gold?

    The number of sections depends on the pole you decide to purchase. The 30' pole has 6 sections, the 40' has 8, the 50' has 10, the 60' has 12, and the 70' pole has 14.

  • Does this pole come with hose?

    It sure does! Each pole includes hose the length of the pole, plus an additional ten feet! For example, a 60' pole comes with 70' of hose.

  • Great videos by the way...Alex, Josh...I may have missed it, but how long is each section? It looks like each model (without the 10' add-ons), the sections are the same length. Am I wrong on that? Some brands do long sections, like 6 feet or so when buying a high reach pole like the 60 footers. Thanks in advance guys.

    Each section is 5'. The Universal Extensions are 10'

  • Is there any protection on the end of this pole?

    This pole has an end cap to protect it.

  • What makes the Gold Carbon Fiber different than regular carbon fiber?

    The XERO Pro Gold is made from ultra hi-modulus carbon fiber. This is a premium carbon fiber that is light and super stiff, perfect for working on really high windows.

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Product Name Pole Type XERO Base Pole XERO Universal Extension XERO Universal Adapter Weight - Lbs Weight - Grams Compacted - No Brush Number Of Sections
XERO Pro Ultra Light Water Fed Pole - 30 Foot Telescopic 30 Foot Pole None None 3.21 1,460 74.5 Inches 6
XERO Pro Ultra Light Water Fed Pole - 40 Foot Telescopic 40 Foot Pole None None 4.81 2,186 82 Inches 8
XERO Pro Ultra Light Water Fed Pole - 50 Foot Telescopic 50 Foot Pole None None 6.62 3,006 85 Inches 10