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About the XERO DI Tank

Water fed window cleaning in soft water areas has been made simple with the lightweight and compact XERO DI Tank.

XERO DI Tanks are proudly made in the USA by our team with durable brass fittings that fasten to your hoses securely. Equipped with the XERO 3/4" Pure Garden Hose to Female Swivel Adapter, a Garden Hose Male x 3/4" NPT male, and XERO virgin resin, this tank will be ready to clean as soon as it reaches your doorstep.

Once your TDS meter reads higher than usual, these tanks can be refilled with new resin, so you can keep using them for your work. They are designed to be used standing upright to work properly.

The 1/2 cubic foot tank is 8.5 inches x 21.5 inches and its total capacity is 4 gallons of purified water.

These tanks are economical, easy to use, and built to last. They're perfect for areas with soft water or for the window cleaner just beginning their water-fed journey.

Clean up your act with the XERO DI Tank!


  • XERO Pure Garden Hose to Female Swivel Adapter - 3/4 Inch
  • Garden Hose Male X 3/4 NPT Male
  • XERO Assembly Resin

This chart compares incoming TDS readings to approximately how many gallons of Pure Water you can produce before regeneration of your tank is needed.


Total Dissolved Solids

1/2 Tank

Expected Gallons of Pure Water

50 3,012
100 1,506
200 753
300 502
400 376
500 301
600 251
700 215
800 188
900 167
1000 151

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  • Will these ever be In stock again?

    Hi Jarel, we are hoping to have them in stock in a number of months. We will announce when they are in stock, so keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

  • Does this tank come with the resin


  • What is the flow rate at the brush of the Xero DI 1/2 c.f. tank with 75 psi input pressure?

    A DI tank should never and does not need anything more than 30-50 psi coming into it. The maximum flow at the brush should be .5 to 1 gallon per minute. Any more is a complete waste of water and money. water going into a DI tank greater than 50psi will not be properly cleaned.

  • Does the tank need to remain upright during use, or can I lay it down on its side?

    Always keep the tank upright. Do not lay it down.

  • What are the dimensions of your tanks ?

    The 1/2 cube = 8' x 24" The full cube = 8" x 40"

  • How much virgin resin do I need to recharge a1/2 cubic ft tank?

    You'll need a 1/2 cu ft.

  • How much does the 1/2 Cubic Foot tank weigh?

    1/2 CuFt tank weighs aprox 5.2 pounds

  • Do these DI systems come with a tds meter reader?

    When you buy the Di package, with a pole, yes they do. Without the pole, no they do not.

  • What is the Total water capacity of the 1CF tank?

    The water capacity of the full cubic ft di tank is about 7.5 gal. The 1/2 cuft water capacity is about 4 gal.

  • Is this good?

    Yes, this is a great system for low TDS/low frequency of use, or as a starter system.

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