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About the XERO Virgin Resin

XERO Water Virgin Resin can replace the used resin in your DI Tank to allow you to continue producing pure water. Virgin resin has never been used or regenerated. This resin is a 50/50 mix of Cation and Anion. It is perfect for use in your XERO Pure or Wash-iT Pro.

What systems can you use this in?

  • XERO
  • Tucker
  • Facelift
  • IPC Eagle

This chart compares incoming TDS readings to approximately how many gallons of Pure Water you can produce before regeneration of your tank is needed.


Total Dissolved Solids

1/2 Tank

Expected Gallons of Pure Water

Full Tank

Expected Gallons of Pure Water

50 3,012 6,024
100 1,506 3,012
200 753 1,500
300 502 1,004
400 376 752
500 301 602
600 251 502
700 215 430
800 188 376
900 167 334
1000 151 302
Manufacturer Part NumberVMBR-25C

Questions & Answers

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  • I have a cr spotless dic 20 filter, will this 1 cubic foot resin fill up my containers.

    If you are working with X2 - 21" cartridges, 1/2 cubic foot will be plenty.

  • How do I use or add this to my zero systems? Where do I put the resin?

    Resin goes into the DI Tank or cartridge, depending on which system you utilize. For more information on the specifications, please give us a call at 862-266-0677

  • Can I use this in a 2 stage di system from Canada cleaning supplies ?

    Yes you can!

  • Can I use this media in a Griotes tank?


  • I have the standard Xero pure system with the long resin cartridge. How much resin do I need to buy when it comes time to replace it?

    You will need 1/4 cubic feet of resin to refill your system.

  • How many pounds of resin for 1 cubic feet?

    Resin is not measured by weight, due to the moisture content the weight can vary. A box of 1 cubic foot would weight approximately 40lbs , give or take.

  • What is the shelf life? Can I stock up and use it over time?

    It is not guaranteed that resin will last any longer than a few months. For best storage, keep it sealed in a cool damp place.

  • Only way this is a better deal than the used resin is if it can be recharged (based on same gallons of pure water from both used and virgin). Then its a steal. How do I recharge (Culligan calls it requalify) the resin? Do you sell those supplies? How many times can it be recharged?

    It can be recharged once. Be sure to add in the cost of your time traveling to and from to get the recharge.

  • How much resin is needed to fill a xero pure di tank?

    You'll need a 1/4 cubic foot.

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