Chapter 3

Squeegee Preparation
and Assembly

A properly set up squeegee will give great results!

Squeegee Anatomy


Squeegee Handles come in either standard or widebody options. They are sold in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastic. You can choose between fixed and swivel handles according to what you need, each has its place.


Channels come in a variety of lengths and materials so that you can get the one that works best with your job. Channel materials include brass, stainless steel and aluminum which we will go into more detail below. Most window cleaners have a variety of lengths on hand to handle different jobs. The handle holds the channel which comes with squeegee rubber pre-installed. Note that all channels come with a single blade of rubber inserted into them. 


When we say "complete" squeegees we are referring to a complete set up: handle, channel and rubber.

  • Brass

    Most popular material. Rigid and heavy. This is what the original squeegee was made out of. 

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel is lighter than brass and less expensive. Moderate weight and rigidity.

  • Aluminum

    Extremely light and moderately rigid.  All widebody channels are made of aluminum. Lightest channel.

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    Clipped" channels use end clips which hold the rubber securely in place in the channel. The Brass Clips by Ettore are a great example. These channels come with the clips already installed. Replacement clips are always available for purchase as well. Smaller channels, such as 6 and 8 inch Ettore channels only have one clip in there, but the one clip is sufficient in holding the rubber so that's all you need.


    Alternatively, clipless channels do not have clips, the rubber just slides free which means you need a specific clipless handle to hold the channel and rubber at the same time. These channels have notches on the back, allowing a clipless handle with teeth to grip the rubber.


    When we use the term "standard channels" we are referring to any channel that is not widebody. These channels tend to be thinner and available in shorter lengths.


    Wide body channels are thicker then standard channelss. The most common widebody channels are made from Sorbo (Viper, Quicksilver, Black Mamba, Cobra, etc). Widebody channels give you a little more stability on the glass so they usually come in longer lengths.

  • Aluminum

    Squeegee handles made of aluminum are typically the lightest when it comes to your metal handles.

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Handles are heavier than aluminum and a bonus is they won't tarnish like Brass.

  • Brass

    Brass handles are popular, they are lighter than stainless steel but may discolor over time which is normal.

  • Plastic

    These are lighter than most metal handles (excluding aluminum). These can swivel or be dual-action (swivel and pivot) handles.

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Squeegee Assembly

  • Squeegee Assembly without End Clips

  • Squeegee Assembly with End Clips