Chapter 2


Window Cleaning Tools

These are the basic Window Cleaning Tools and equipment you will need for window cleaning. You may already have some of them. Keep in mind, not all of the items are required. Get yourself a good selection of traditional tools and you will be good to go.

Starter Kits

If you are overwhelmed by the many brands and options for tools, consider a Starter Kit. There are many options whether you need a basic set of tools for yourself or if you are new to window cleaning or don’t feel like researching and compiling all the different types of tools you may need. 

Waterfed Equipment

You can start with traditional methods of cleaning and as your experience and company grows better, you can consider transitioning to Waterfed Equipment down the road. Waterfed poles and systems will allow you to work safely from the ground, bid larger jobs and avoid ladders all together.

  • Standard Squeegee Handles

    A fixed tool to hold your squeegee channel to make a complete squeegee.

  • Quick Release Squeegee Handles

    A fixed tool with a quick release to hold your squeegee channel to make a complete squeegee.

  • Swivel Squeegee Handles

    A tool with a swivel capability to hold your squeegee channel to make a complete squeegee

  • Ledger Squeegee Handles

    This tool works well with a pole. Ledger handle are specifically designed for easily reaching deep set sills and even over obstacles that may be in the way. Great to have in multiple sizes!

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Professional Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee rubbers come in a soft or hard variation. One squeegee rubber should last through several complete cleanings of your windows. It is advisable to have a few extras on hand. They do wear out. The edge of the rubber may become damaged. Store them in a cool place. Keep them flat.

Squeegee Channels

Channels come in a variety of lengths and materials so that you can get the one that works best with your job. Most window cleaners have a variety of lengths to handle different jobs.

Specialty Squeegees

Speciality squeegees or "combination tools" can save time and effort on the job. Many are multiple tools in one that allow you to squeegee and scrub the glass in one pass.

  • T-Bars are attachment handles that can be used on the end of your extension poles or used by hand. Usually made of plastic or aluminum, T-Bars are used for holding your washer sleeves. Comes in a variety of lengths.

  • A T-Bar that has the ability to swivel at varying angles to clean hard-to-reach places. Usually made of plastic or aluminum, T-Bars are used for holding your washer sleeves. Comes in a variety of lengths.

  • Sleeves refer to the scrubbing agents attached to a T-Bar. The sleeve is essential for removing stubborn dirt or stains. Sleeves are made of synthetic materials or durable microfibers that can lift off dirt. Scrubbing power depends on the sleeve but can be mild, hybrid, or aggressive.

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A telescopic pole, also known as an extension pole, can be useful for residential, commercial, storefront, or route work. Extension poles are designed so that they can be used with different attachments and traditional tools for professional window cleaners. Extension poles are also much more versatile than ladders. Fore more detailed information check out our Window Cleaner's Guide to Extension Poles.

Provides a secure connection for your traditional tools on your extension pole with a pressure fit.

Allows the pole attachment to clean in deep sills.

  • A variety of solvents, additives, and detergents are mixed to produce glass cleaner. Glass cleaners range in sizes from 12 oz to 5 gallons, some are even offered in a 55-gallon drum.

  • Glass sealants form a protective barrier against smears, scratches, and other damage. Applying a glass sealant reduces the amount of maintenance and prolongs the life of the glass.

  • Use professional stain removers for tough stains or corrosion on the glass. Many products are aggressive enough to even remove hard water stains. Choose between liquid polish, mineral powders, and more. 

  • Screen cleaners and sealers provide excellent resistance against hard water stains and scratches. You may consider investing in a screen cleaning unit as well.

  • Includes other compounds such as concrete cleaners, stone cleaners, and sanitizer sprays. Shown below is the popular set of F9 Products for example.

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Cleaning towels should clean glass without leaving lint or streaks. Towels come in different sizes, materials, brands, and colors. They are ideal for detailing windows and wiping frames. The majority of towels are available in singles, 3 packs, 10 packs, or 12 packs.


Sponges are the perfect tool for scrubbing window frames, cleaning the edge of the glass, and even wiping down your rubbers. Clean tight corners with natural or synthetic window cleaning sponges. They hold a ton of water.


Abrasives are specialty scrubbers that remove stubborn dirt and stains without scratching glass surfaces. Abrasives include steel and bronze wool, magic erasers, and various scrubbing pads and holders.

  • Allows you to carry tools on hand and while on the job. Vary by size and can be adjusted to a person’s waist size. Typically available ones are made of nylon so they are long-lasting and durable. Include a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. The number of loops a belt has will vary from 1-3 depending on the brand. These loops are used to hold your squeegees, towels, cloths, or any other tools needed.

  • These will attach right onto your work belt. Choose from nylon, plastic, or leather options. Allows you to hold a squeegee, scraper, bronze/steel wool, your favorite towel, or any other accessory,

  • A bucket on a belt provides window cleaners with quick and safe access to handy tools. Tools such as squeegee channels, washer sleeves, and scrapers can stay within reach. Certain designs can also attach to belt holsters with a quick-release lock. Also ideal when working in heights or narrow spaces.

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Buckets are essential for professional window cleaners, they can hold clean water or your solution mixture. Add casters, lids, and sieves for complete bucket system that is easy to use and transport from job to job.


Used to keep your sleeve and/or squeegee close by and dry. Can either hang from the side of a bucket or go in the bottom of it. Very easy to install and remove.

Bucket Accessories

What other bucket accessories are available? Most window cleaning buckets have a variety of add on pieces such as handles, casters or clips (as shown below).

  • Ladders

    To get where you need to go. Can come in sections or one unit. Accessories are also available to you such as ladder locks, levelers, and other safety items.

  • Brushes

    Brushes that are made specifically for ceiling fans, vents, screens, and windows. Some brushes will even attach to the end of your extension poles for easy cleaning.

  • Scraper and Razor Blades

     To remove pesky dirt build-ups or other hardened combinations of grime. The blades come mostly in a stainless steel finish and offer a straightedge side and a dull side. In addition, sizes range from 1.5 inches to 6 inches.

  • Miscellaneous Tools

    Have small hand tools like wire cutters, pliers, & putty knives handy. To cut and remove pins on windowsills that hold screens in place. Also used to compress spring clips on some screens as well as breaking up paint that holds double-hung window sections together.

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