Chapter 5

Preparing The Window For Cleaning


Preparing the window for cleaning won't take a long time. Start with the inside first, it makes the whole process easier. Then, only the dirt and spots will be on the outside. 

You can use any one or a combination of these items:

• Feather duster

• Old paintbrush

• A slightly damp rag

• Dustpan brush

Clean out the spider webs, excess dust, and dirt from all around the window frame before wetting the glass.  This step will make the cleanup much easier after you squeegee the glass. 

  • Note

    Double-hung windows are sometimes difficult to open because of paint or varnish sticking to the window frame or the upper and lower sections sticking together in the latch area. You will need a putty knife to break this seal. Be advised this can damage the finish. Sometimes, paint or varnish will stick to the tracks. 

  • Caution

    When opening and closing a double-hung window, do not put your fingers over the top edge of the lower frame. You could get your fingers caught and very badly hurt if they get jammed into the upper section.

  • Tip

    Close and latch all windows before cleaning them. It will keep them in place for easier cleaning.

Window Cleaner using the Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar and Scrubber to Scrub Glass

Aluminum Combination Storm Windows

These should also be removed for cleaning.

On double-track combination storm windows, the bottom part of the frame of the top section has a slot, which allows the screen to slide up into it about ¼" (6 mm). Be sure to get the correct section on the top.

You will find the bottom of the sections will be very dirty. When you remove them from the frame, set the sections down on a towel. The dirt on the bottom of the sections can stain the carpet. 

Once you get the sections outside, give them a good brushing especially along the area of the slide locks. Combination storm windows are best squeegeed horizontally.

After cleaning them, set them with one corner higher than the other so that the excess dirty solution can drain out. Put a towel under the corner where the excess solution is draining out to absorb the dirty solution more quickly. This will also help prevent dirty solution from dripping on the floor as you carry the storm windows back in the house to reinstall them.

Do not pick combination storm windows up from the top of the frame. Handle all sections with great care. The frame can come apart or the glass may pull out of the gasket that cushions it in the frame, but even new sections can come apart if handled improperly. It's ideal to handle them by picking them up from the sides.