XERO Pro Waterfed Poles

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The XERO Pro Water Fed Pole series includes some of the most affordably priced Carbon Fiber Poles on the market. The Pro line of XERO Poles is available in two models: the XERO Pro Basic and the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod. Each model is available in 30, 40 and 50 feet. By simply adding XERO Universal Extensions it is possible to reach 60 or even 70 feet as well. Each pole in the XERO Pro line features durable, easy to adjust, bolted on clamps. No more glue failing on you in the field! Each pole includes a standard angle adapter, hose, and a Tucker Black Hybrid Brush. Perfect for residential or commercial jobs! Need spare parts for your XERO Pro Pole? Browse the XERO Spare Parts & Sections category.

Looking for a high reach pole built for commercial work? Check out the XERO Destroyer, which is stiff, rigid and capable of reaching heights up to 90 feet!


*Ground shipments to the continental US.

Priced right with high-quality features, the XERO Pro poles are 100% Carbon Fiber that come in two different tiers to meet your budget and needs - the XERO Pro line has it all! Each XERO Pro model comes with the pole, premium XERO Hose, a standard angle adapter and a Tucker Black Nylon Dual Trim Brush.

So what's the difference between the two XERO Pro Poles?

The XERO Pro Basic is a phenomenal value and the best in its class. This is the most economical and commonly sold model in the XERO Pro line due to its affordability. It's available in 30, 40 and 50-foot options. The clamps on the XERO Pro Basic Water Fed Pole are durable, easy to maneuver and bolted on so they won't fail on the job.

Finally, the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod is simply the best quality in this line of poles. Definitely an owner/operator pole when you need to have the best. Extremely lightweight because it's made from the highest quality Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber! Available in 30, 40 and 50 feet to start. You can even bring this pole to 60 or even 70 feet by adding extensions. This is the lightest pole in the Pro series!

All in all, the XERO Pro Series is ideal for mid-rise properties. Regardless of the pole you choose, it wil be light and rigid with amazing clamps. 100% Carbon Fiber means less ware and tear on your body which makes a huge difference if you are cleaning daily. with these poles, easily add sections or remove them when you want to go shorter. These poles are also extremely versatile and ideal for mid rise properties so if you are doing a mix of residential and commercial you should consider the XERO Pro series. Easily tackle those for 2-3 story homes or 2-4 story commercials buildings with ease. 

Real Customer Reviews:

"Best pole for the price! We have been using this pole for a while and couldn’t be happier! From a single story home to large 40 ft tall bay windows, this pole makes tall windows a safe and quick project. The pole has durable clamps and rigidity when fully extended."

"Workhorse of a pole. Moneymaker. Lightweight and Rigid. Sections come out easily when you want to go shorter. Feels really good in the hand. When I need another pole, I’ll buy another Xero. And I’ve had several different brands. This is the best value pole there is. This pole gets used more than all my others."

"Best bang for your buck. In its class, I'd say this pole is the best. After doing some research, I went with this pole, and I'm glad I did. It's perfectly rigid, with virtually no flex at 2 and a half stories or less. Above that, the flex is minimal, again especially for this price point. Very nice clamps, looks great, and performs better than expected."

"The himod 3K carbon fiber is soooo rigid. The more rigid, the easier it is to work. Used this for the first time yesterday and was blown away. This is a solid pole for the money. Insanely great value.."

"I was nervous to pull the trigger on this but the Xero Pro Gold is awesome! Solid at 50 feet and above. Super light and stiff. I highly recommend it. You can also add universal 10' extensions and go as high as you need to. This pole has got it all!!"

Make it a XERO Pro

The XERO Pro Series has something for everyone! Whether you need a new water fed pole for you or your employees or are transitioning to pure water equipment completely, the XERO Pro lineup offers high quality and affordable options. If you aren't sure which model is for you, let us help! We'll make sure you get the best pole for your needs and budget. You can reach our support staff at 862-266-0677 or live chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Looking for a water fed pole more catered to residential? Check out the XERO Micro Series.

The XERO Pro Poles are the perfect high reach pole for commercial work. These key features make it the ideal choice for your company:

✓ Made to grow with your company
✓ Two different tiers to choose from
✓ Perfect for commercial companies
✓ Easy to add or drop sections
✓ 2 IN 1 - Trad Pole nested inside
✓ High Reach Poles
✓ 100% Carbon Fiber
✓ Bolted on clamps
✓ Affordable

Trust the XERO Guarantee!

Whether you are just getting into waterfed cleaning or you are upgrading your current pole we understand that purchasing a new waterfed pole is an investment. It's an expensive investment at that! For that reason, we want you to be able to buy with confidence and a XERO pole is the right choice. Be sure to check out our post on 10+ Reasons to Buy a XERO Pole. We offer a no headaches warranty which means no fine print and no questions asked. We offer a variety of XERO water fed poles whether you do residential or commercial so know that whatever you decide to purchase we have you covered! Our simple and straightforward 100% Satisfaction Guarantee was put into effect to protect our customers. The XERO Warranty Policy covers a twelve-year warranty on clamps, a twelve-year warranty of XERO Carbon Fiber Poles and a twelve-year warranty on XERO HiMod Poles. While problems are rare if you do experience any kind of issue just reach out to us and we will work with you to make it right. We realize how important it is for you to have top-quality, working equipment for your jobs.

Our company stands behind our guarantee that any XERO Pole you buy will be in top working condition ready right out of the box. Our customers continue to love and trust XERO products because they just work. They are simple to operate and long-lasting. Window Cleaning Resource is 100% confident in the quality of every XERO water fed pole we ship out!

Have an issue with your new XERO pole? Not a problem! Issues are pretty uncommon but if you do encounter something please do bring it to our attention. We will ask you to submit a warranty form which is quick and easy. No hoops to jump through or long drawn out warranty process. We will make sure your issue is taken care of quickly and efficiently. When filling out a warranty form, include pictures and be descriptive so we can get it submitted and processed. We want to get your problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Product Name Weight - 40 Foot Pole Material User Max Height
XERO Pro Basic 5.78 Standard Carbon Fiber Affordable Employee 50 Feet
XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod 4.52 Ultra Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber Owner Operator 70 Feet