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Regular price $279.00 USD
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About the Maykker Grackle

The Maykker Grackle has risen to the top of the line in traditional window cleaning equipment. Constructed with industrial-grade materials, this hand-sewn, specially designed bucket on a belt is the upgrade you need that will last you a lifetime. Not only is it the ultimate carry-all BOAB for twice the amount of tools as the competitors, but it holds even more water than its sister, the Silencer, and is nearly impenetrable. Choose from either the basic Grackle, available in black, or the Limited Edition Grackle, available in orange.

Optimal Storage Space

The Grackle features a flat back surface to lay comfortably on your leg while providing enough room for your most essential tools. The front and middle sections can hold separate squeegees and stripwashers, or two-in-one tools up to 18 inches in length. The front pocket holds your squeegee, while the middle pocket is designed to cradle your mop and keep it wet. It also comfortably holds specialty squeegees if you prefer to use two-in-one tools, keeping them by your side without them dripping on your leg or onto the floor. Due to the proprietary reclaim system, all drips go right back into the bucket for the mop to soak up while you're working. This tool will save you time, money, and your back, as you won't need to bend down and reach your mop into a bucket throughout your workflow.

In addition to the three large pockets, there are two roomy loops on the exterior, providing space for holding a Maykker handy sleeve, a scraper, extra squeegees, towels, or any other tool that will help you achieve your most efficient workflow. The Grackle weighs in at just under one pound, is streamlined for easily grabbing tools, and is portable for the traditional window cleaner working on their feet.

Proprietary Reclaim System

The Grackle features a proprietary reclaim system that collects any remaining water dripping from your mop and puts it right back into the bucket. Not only does this keep your leg and your customer's floor dry, but it allows for more water retention, preventing you from dividing your workflow to refill your bucket. This reclaiming of the water helps you move faster and work smarter, not harder. What's neat about the Grackle, too, is how much water capacity it has. Fill this up leaving about an inch of water, from the top, and you'll have approximately 20oz of solution at your disposal.

The super sturdy Grackle is tightly sealed, allowing zero leaks to come out of it. If your water comes out of the top, it goes right back into the outer section and into your mop sleeve. You won't have to worry about creating messes with this outstanding BOAB.


The demands of window cleaning are no match for this BOAB. The Grackle can put up a fight against anything a window cleaner may come in contact with, including pavement, gravel, spiny bushes, chemicals, abrasive surfaces, scrapers, scrubbers, and more. This is because the exterior is constructed with a durable 1000 Denier military-grade Cordura fabric, all triple-sewn around industrial-grade vinyl. These materials can stand the test of daily use, and can also be washed easily. Using a gentle setting on your washing machine and cold water with your favorite detergent can leave this tool not just fresh and ready for more work, but smelling good and staying free of any mildew or mold. Just allow it to drip-dry and it is ready to go until it needs washing again.

The Grackle comes equipped with a sturdy plastic clip so once it's on your belt, there's nowhere for it to go. 3.5 inches of length allow enough room for this BOAB to slip onto a tool belt or just the belt of your trousers; really, whatever you are most comfortable using on the job, the BOAB can accompany it.

This intelligently designed BOAB also features structured plastic sewn into the back so you can be confident it won't be bend or break. Only the highest quality materials and design elements have gone into the creation of this top of the line BOAB. Without weighing down the tool you need most (a.k.a, your body!) this tool is the strongest BOAB on the market yet.


  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs just less than 1 pound
  • Double and Triple Stitched with re-inforcing Bar-Tacks
  • Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant 1000D Cordura fabric covering
  • Industrial-grade vinyl lining sealed for a leak-free experience
  • Tight reservoir proprietary reclaim system prevents splashing and drips
  • 3 Large Tool Slots
  • Fits up to an 18 Inch Channel Comfortably
  • 100% Military Spec (Berry Compliant) and Industrial Grade Materials

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  • When can I get one.

    Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a firm date on when these will be back in stock. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please give us a call at (862) 266-0677 and a product expert can help you find a BOAB that suits your needs.

  • Can we get a pre order for this product... i am looking for over a year and always sold out.. i just want to order one and see it come one day.. its easier to win the loterij then to get this bucket

    Hi Jan, unfortunately, you cannot preorder this product, however, you can follow Pro Window Cleaning on Facebook and follow the WCR social media pages. We always announce when they are in stock there so people can be notified.

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