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About the Ettore Mini Blind Duster

The Ettore Mini Blind Duster is a convenient little tool that lets you swipe blinds efficiently and quickly. No more awkward hand grips around a microfiber towel that doesn't end up cleaning too well and does end up bending your customers' blinds. These microfiber dusters cover three plastic prongs that collect dust with an electrostatic charge eliminating the need to add pressure which could cause damage.

The Ettore Mini Blind Duster is capable of cleaning 3 rows at once, quickening your cleaning pace and moving you on to the next.


  • 3-pronged plastic pieces hold microfiber sleeves
  • Electrostatic charge attracts dust away from blinds
  • Cleans 3 rows at once
Manufacturer Part Number48213

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  • Do you by chance sell only the microfiber fingers? I have 3 plastic wands and 3 microfiber fingers…would certainly like 6 or 12 more cloth fingers only. Thank you

    Hello! Although the microfiber finger sleeves are not available for sale on their own, they are fully washable. Simply toss them into your washing machine on a cold setting or wash them in the sink by hand with dish soap, let them air dry, and they're ready to reuse.


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