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About the XERO Deluxe Trad Pole Upgrade Kits

If you've fallen in love with your XERO Trad Pole (it's hard not to) and you want to start using it for waterfed window cleaning, you're in luck! The XERO Deluxe Trad Pole Upgrade Kit has everything you need and more to convert your pole to waterfed cleaning. Six different items are included to help you convert your pole.

This kit includes a black hybrid brush that gives you a great intro to waterfed window cleaning. The outer nylon bristles give you great glide over the glass, while the inner boar's hair bristles are perfect for agitating dirt and grime. To connect this brush to your pole you have a pole tip and standard angle adapter. The pole tip slides right in where your Acme tip usually goes. Connect the included hose to your brush and use the two quick connects to hook up to a pure water system.

This kit comes assembled in either a Euro setup or XERO Fast Lock setup. The XERO Fast Lock is convenient, as you can swap out the sockets to your brushes to match its system and be able to switch brush heads quickly while working. Check out the entire system here, or the replacement parts here!

For the full list of included accessories, see below!

What's Included:

  • Tucker Black Dual Trim Brush - Hybrid
  • XERO Hose - 50 Feet
  • On/Off Valve (color may vary)
  • Male Quick Connect Push to Fit Set - 5/16 Inch
  • XERO Pole Tip - Anti-Spin & XERO Standard Angle Adapter OR XERO Fast Lock Complete - Short


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  • I will also need to get a DI tank for this upgrade kit correct?

    Correct. This kit makes a XERO Trad Pole compatible with waterfed.

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